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New Business Gives Granny's Walker a Makeover


Two Northern California women have created a product to help their elderly parents stand out from the crowd. (Continued below photo...)

Marcy Tivol and Sharon Witte recently unveiled Walker Coverz — colorful matching fabric seat and roll bar covers that dress up the typical rolling walkers.

Tivol came up with the idea after noticing the sea of nondescript walkers parked at the door during a lunch at her grandmother's retirement community . She immediately saw an opportunity to add individuality and a sense of style and fun. Using her own grandmother’s walker as a model, she partnered with Witte to create the easy-to-attach set of matching fabric seat and roll bar covers to accessorize run-of-the-mill rolling walkers.

"No matter how old you are, it still feels good to have style," Tivol said in a statement.

Walker Coverz, which cost $29.99, are available in a variety of vibrant colors, patterns and fun themes, including music, animals, cards, flowers, crosswords and sports.

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