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5 Hottest New Job Titles Are in Tech & Green

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Jobs may still be hard to come by, but career networker has just released a list of hot new job titles.

The Career Trend Analysis Report, which gathers information from across thousands of top-tier industry and local career sites, found that five job titles have shown a noticeable and steady uptick in job postings, spanning primarily across two industries: the eco-friendly green industry and the technology sphere. While both industries have remained steady over the past year overall, some specific positions stand out amongst the others in providing an increase of opportunities for job seekers. ))<br><br>According to the report, the emerging job titles are: <br><br><strong>Green consultant jobs</strong> -- With an average salary of $60,000, this position can take on a variety of different roles, from helping organizations evaluate and improve internal environmental processes to aiding in the implementation of green strategies. Nationally, green jobs employ 2.7 million people, according to a report by The Brookings Institution. Green consultants will continue to be in demand as more and more businesses look to these experts to help establish environmental best practices. <br><br><strong>Eco-friendly freelance writer jobs</strong> -- With many people turning to magazines and news outlets for tips and information about green and eco-friendly living, writers with knowledge of the green market are becoming more sought after. Further, with many publications unable to take on full-time staff, a freelance position is often the best route to establish yourself and continue to practice your skill. As a freelancer making an average of $60,000 a year, this job often provides more flexible hours, which can be a nice perk for some professionals. <br><strong><br>Genius – Apple Store jobs </strong>-- The "Genius" position has presented more job opportunities over the past year for the similar reasons as an iPhone developer – growing adoption of the iPhone along with the iPad, iPod and other Apple products. As people are using these products, there is more need for customer service and technical support. This position typically requires working in an Apple store and offers an average salary of $41,000. Responsibilities include helping customers resolve issues and conducting hardware and software troubleshooting. <br><strong><br>iPhone developer jobs</strong> -- With the increasing popularity and adoption of the iPhone – particularly with availability now across multiple mobile carriers – it is no surprise that the growth of job openings for CONLINK|1362|iPhone developers is on the rise. This position with an average salary of $95,000 typically requires working for a specific mobile company and is responsible for all frameworks and mobile technologies to make new applications successful.

Silverlight developer jobs -- Developers are in demand across the technology industry. However, Silverlight developers in particular are seeing a rise in job opportunities due to an increase in consumers' streaming of TV shows and movies on their computers. At an average salary of $104,000 a year, qualifications for this position include expertise in creating software solutions for enterprises and in building rich Internet applications using Microsoft technologies.

"It's no secret that the U.S. economy is currently facing financial worries and the unemployment rate remains high, yet at the same time it's important to recognize that some markets are still thriving and providing opportunities to job seekers and professionals within those industries,” said Rich Milgram, CEO at "For job seekers in either the green sector or technology industry or those looking to enter these fields, there are options available when you know what to look for. By identifying these specific job titles, job seekers can modify their search and apply their expertise to these specific positions in an effort to not only secure a job but establish themselves in a healthy sector."


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