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Hemp Iced Tea Packs More Than Caffeine

For the times when thirst-quenching isn’t enough, a new iced tea is offering a bit more.   Kush Boys, a California-based company, recently released its new hemp iced tea. While Kush Boys says its Chronic Ice drink won’t get you high, they say the drink is designed to make you healthier. Chronic Ice is a health tea made with organic sugar cane, whole-leaf green tea, black tea and hemp seed. The hemp seeds provide essential fatty acids that must be obtained from dietary sources because the body is unable to produce them, according to the company. Each serving of the antioxidant-rich, healthy tea contains only 80 calories, and is free of preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. "Demand for hemp beverages is growing as people seek out nutritional drinks that do more than just quench their thirst," Tony Van Pelt, founder of Chronic Ice, said in a prepared release. Additional products offered by Kush Boys include an eco-friendly clothing line and natural male enhancement supplement. Chronic Ice is currently available only in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Diego and Sacramento.

Chad Brooks

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