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Android, iPhone User Stereotypes Revealed

Samantha Murphy


A new survey supports stereotypes that Android users are more likely to be late tech adopters who skew politically conservative, whereas iPhone/iOS users are more likely liberal, outgoing city-dwellers who make more money, take more vacations and enjoy the finer things in life.

The nonscientific study by — a site that makes recommendations based on preferences, ranging from which car you should drive to which vacation or college choice is best for you — suggests whether you are an Android or iPhone/iOS user can reveal a lot about your personality and personal preferences, from taste in movies and food to clothing styles.

Hunch used 15,800 answers to questions it asked its 700,000 members to predict particular demographics, personality and other characteristics based on their cellphone’s operating system, and then crossed those results with millions of other questions those same users answered on Hunch.

The data found that Android users are more likely to be men between ages 18-34 with an annual household income between $50,000 and $100,000, while iPhone/iOS users are more likely to be women over the age of 35 and are 67 percent more likely to have an annual household of $200,000 or more.

The study also noted Android users are slightly more likely to be pessimistic, math-inclined pet owners that watch "How I Met Your Mother," ESPN and "The Lord of the Rings." Android users are also 36 percent more likely to not remember their last vacation and prefer steak and chicken over sushi and Thai food.

Meanwhile, iPhone/iOS users were 15 percent more likely to have vacationed in the last six months and to watch Planet Earth, and shows on Bravo and HBO. They also tend to be more adventurous eaters.

It also noted that Android users are 80 percent more likely to have only a high school diploma and iPhone/iOS are 37 percent more likely to have a graduate degree.

"It's important to note that Android users are not uneducated country bumpkins," Kelly Ford, Hunch's vice president of marketing, told TechNewsDaily. "That's simply not the case. The fact that Android-based devices are in general significantly less expensive than iPhone devices seems to be a major decision driver for Android users that is correlated with many other aspects of their demographics, personality and lifestyle."

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