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New Toilet Spray Purports to Make Your Potty Stink-Free

Now there's a way to insure that your — well, your you-know-what — doesn't stink. (Continued below photo...)

Designed to be sprayed in a toilet before you use it, Poo-Pouri is a natural bathroom air freshener and spray deodorizer that purports to eliminate bathroom odors.  The company's secret formula of oils claims to control odor by creating a barrier that prevents embarrassing bathroom smells from ever escaping the toilet. The full line of spray products, which also includes Deja-Poo and Trap-a-Crap are available in white flower, citrus and natural oil scents.  The sprays, sold in 2- or 4-ounce bottles and travel sets, include the Oh! My Goodness set, which includes waterless hand cleanser, one bottle of Shhh...It Happens air freshener and Anti-Aging Cream. The product line costs between $10 and $17.

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