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BBQ Perfume Aims for Men's Hearts Through Their Noses

Women have a new fragrance at their disposal when trying to lure men.  Developed by Pork Barrel BBQ, Que is a barbecue- scented perfume that emits a bouquet of smells reminiscent of smoke, spices, meat, and, in the company's words, "sweet summer sweat." (Continued below photo...)

Heath Hall, president and co-founder of Pork Barrel BBQ, said the new fragrance is a success in matchmaking, perhaps allowing for the enjoyment of a barbecue without all the mess.

"All summer long, people have been spicing up their love life by wearing Que," he said in a prepared release. The fragrance, which retails for $24.95, is also available for men who can't stand to be away from the grill. The company was also featured on an episode of ABC's "Shark Tank" in 2010.

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