Even before most people start their businesses, they've already got a business card design in mind. There's nothing more exciting than getting that first box of perfect business cards and handing them out. What makes a great business card design can be a matter of opinion. We've got five amazing business card designs we think will inspire you to get creative.

Cardapult: Designed by Bryce Bell


Where some people see business cards, others see catapults. Well, at least that is what Bryce Bell, a mechanical engineer, saw when he invented the "cardapult."

"I'd seen a lot of designs around the Internet and I thought I would design something that fit in with my interests, so I designed the Cardapult for fun,"  Bell said.  "That got a lot of attention, so I started making some other designs."

The success of the "cardapult" led Bell to build a side business designing other unique business cards.

"I was surprised by the response I got from the Internet,” said Bell, who also created, where his designs are sold.  “I think people can see the fun in it."

Robson De Souza Carpentry: Designed by Oliver Munday


When graphic designer Oliver Munday was asked to design a business card for a handyman friend of his, he knew he wanted something different.

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"I wanted to approach this card from a more modern standpoint," said Munday, designer of the above card. "I had seen a bunch of cards from the industry and they all looked boring and the same.  I thought, 'How can this be fun and interesting looking, but still be iconic?' So I thought the hammer idea could be a good idea since it was so recognizable and simple."

It seems the design worked.

"I haven't seen the reaction to this card since it was designed for someone else, but he was happy with it," Munday said.

ShowStoppers Photography: Designed by Clayton Morrissey


Here’s your ticket to the show.

Well, not quite.

"I wanted to make a card that wouldn't get ignored or thrown away as quickly as a standard business card would," said Clayton Morrissey, commercial entertainment photographer who designed the card for his own business.  "It is something that would make you look twice, before just throwing it into a pile of other business cards."

Morrissey said the card has been well received.

"There have been nothing but positive responses to the card," Morrissey said.

Artist Xposure: Designed for Allen Ross Thomas by Taste of Ink Studios


Instead of just going to the show, this card can also get you behind the scenes.

"I really wanted to do something different," said Allen Ross Thomas of Artist Xposure whose idea was brought to life by Taste of Ink Studios.  "I had been doing tour photography and band promotion for seven years now, and I thought the ultimate business card for me would be a ultimate credential for any live music performance."

Despite the outlandish design of making the card look like a backstage pass, the heart of this card still remains simple.

"At the end of the day it is still a business card," Thomas said.  "Everyone I hand it to pauses and says that it is the coolest business card they have ever seen."

Asterix Media designed by Damian Jolley of Jukebox Print


Damian Jolley spends a lot of time around business cards. It is part of his job, being a graphic designer at Jukebox Print, a Canadian printing company specializing in business cards. However, his designs are far from your average business card.

"The number one thing that we looked for is uniqueness," said Simon Berry, customer care executive at Jukebox Print where the card was printed. "In this day and age where you're receiving so much information through the Internet and billboards, a small piece of paper needs to be as unique as possible to make a link in people’s memory."

The above design aims to achieve that goal through unique 3-D construction.

"Most people are generally amazed at what we can do with cards," said Berry. "A lot of our clients won't go through 1,000 cards in five years, but they know when they hand someone a card, that person will remember them and think about their fantastic card.