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Great Business Card Design Tips

business-card-art Credit: Dreamstime.com


What makes a great business card?

Oliver Munday, a graphic designer whose design work has appeared in The New York Times, Fortune and Time, gives BusinessNewsDaily readers a few tips on how to create the perfect business card.

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It has to grab someone right away. — You only have seconds in which to capture a person’s attention. A business card design can be the difference between making an impression or not.

It has to engage people and make a connection to them. — It is always a good thing when you can brand that idea into someone's mind. If you can spark them to want to keep it or keep you on file, then people will not forget it and that's the ultimate goal.

Using emotional appeals is a great way to achieve these goals. — If you can bring an emotion like humor out of someone, I think that is a small success.
You can break down some of the walls and become a little more personal with someone you don't know.

Simplicity is key. — I'm always a fan of something that is simple, but has a strong idea behind it.

The idea must shine through. — Business cards are going off in different directions and I think it is also good to keep in mind that it's not about overdoing it or how flashy you can get it.  It's not about letting the way it's made or the production of it get in the way of what is there.  At the end of the day it is about a good idea and communicating that idea.

Business News Daily Editor

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