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The Best Facebook Fan Page Building Tools

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Simply having a Facebook fan page used to be enough to help small businesses stand out from the crowd — but that’s no longer the case.

In an increasingly competitive social media landscape , businesses now are turning to advanced tools and applications to build robust, creative fan pages to help lure customers away from competitors.

Rather than rely solely on the standard Facebook tools provided by the social media site — which often leave businesses with a relatively plain interface — these tools allow programmers to use HTML, JavaScript and other mainstream web-development languages to build creative and more dynamic pages.

Social media companies have also created do-it-yourself applications that require no programming expertise and are a fraction of the cost of employing an independent custom Facebook page designer — the option businesses typically faced in the past. They offer a variety of fan page templates and step-by-step instructions for customizing them. Options include adding maps, videos, contact forms or RSS feeds pulled from blogs.

BusinessNewsDaily's sister site, TopTenREVIEWS, recently reviewed some available applications and ranked Social Page Builder, ShortStack and Pagemodo as the three best.

When determining its rankings, TopTenREVIEWS examined a number of criteria, including the features offered, ease of use, the types of available templates and the support that exists for business owners. The specific aspects that TopTenReviews encourages small businesses to consider when choosing among the Facebook fan page applications include:

  • How many tabs can users create on an individual page?  Some applications have a restricted number, while others allow for unlimited use.
  • What tools are available? The tools small-business owners might want to consider include the ability to add a Twitter feed, a photo collage or background music to their fan page.
  • How easy is it to navigate through the program? The Web interfaces should be easy to use and should provide clear instructions for using the tools.
  • How much assistance is available? From user guides and tutorials to blog posts that provide new ideas, the amount of user support can vary by provider.

It was Social Page Builder's numerous features that cater to those without HTML code expertise and design skills that helped it earn the top ranking.

"We are impressed with Social Page Builder's well-rounded offerings that equip a variety of users with easy-to-use tools that will give you or your small business a professional social media presence," TopTenREVIEWS said.

Rounding out the top ten fan page applications were North Social, Lujure, SplashLab Social, FaceItPages, TabSite, Hubze and thruSocial. To see the full review, visit


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