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'Buy Young' Campaign Encourages Americans to Support Entrepreneurs Under 30


First there was a movement to buy American and then to buy local. The newest shopping campaign is aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs. The "Buy Young" campaign, launched by a national nonprofit called OUR TIME, kicked off this week.

The goal of OUR TIME’s Buy Young initiative is to encourage Americans to support companies and organizations founded by entrepreneurs under the age of 30 and to offer exclusive discounts on products and services to OUR TIME’s consumer members, which total more than 300,000.

"Our generation's entrepreneurial abilities, exemplified by the over 100 successful executives invited to the White House to take part in this economic briefing, are one of America's greatest untapped resources," said Matthew Segal, co-founder and president of OUR TIME, at the event launching the campaign. 

OUR TIME has built a website that collects hundreds of companies founded by young Americans into an online marketplace. These companies offer at least a 30 percent discount on their products and services for 30 days as an incentive for Americans to “Buy Young.”

Young executives from some of the fastest-growing businesses — including Living Social, Gilt Groupe, WordPress, CollegeHumor and dozens of others — attended the Washington, D.C., launch of Buy Young.


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