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Weird Business News

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We never cease to be amazed at some of the crazy business ideas we hear. Our weekly roundup of odd, amazing or just plain strange business news includes some less than appetizing candy and a new look for your pets.

The candy company best known for its popular Whoppers and Jolly Ranchers candy, recently unveiled its newest creation: Farts Candy.  The chewy candy nuggets, introduced during the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, come in such several deliciously playful varieties, including Fruiti Farts, Sour Farts and Small Farts. Leaf Brands CEO Ellia Kassoff said the candy was so-named because you can’t help but giggle and smile when you hear it. Unlike most companies, who tout the greatness of their new products, Leaf Brands is already pretty sure it's new candy stinks.

According to the calendar, Christmas follows hunting season in many states. But one new business thinks is killing two birds with one…tree. Barto Wildlife Collectibles recently debuted its patented 6’ buckhorn pine antlered Christmas Tree – the perfect décor for those looking to combine their affinity for hunting with a solid helping of holiday spirit. The tree is adorned with 26 sets of antlers – made of resin cast from individual, genuine deer antlers – and boasts artificial pine branches. It can hold as many as 250 lights and 500 ornaments. Our bet is that while the hunter in the family might appreciate the sentiment, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer may not be as amused. 

Known to generations of children as the mysterious lady who leaves quarters – or, if you’re lucky, a lot more cash – under pillows of the newly toothless, the role of the Tooth Fairy is being officially expanded with help from a new company. The Royal Council of the Fairyland has just launched TheRealToothFairy, a make-believe online world giving little girls the chance to write to and receive letters back from the Fairy. Rather than focusing just on the money she might leave behind, the new business addresses character-building by offering the "20 Lost Tooth Virtues" and the "Every Kindness Counts" program.  Who knows, maybe the new online venture will even go vertical by teaming up with 1 (800) DENTIST.com.

What could be more pathetic than seeing a little dog with one of those giant plastic protective cones around its neck?  It was inevitable that someone would eventually come up with a more comfortable alternative. Now there is. Scrubs for Pets Innovative Pet Supplies has developed a new line of post-surgical garments that eliminate the need for the cumbersome neck cones that pets normally wear after surgery or injuries. The specialized pet scrubs completely cover the pet’s abdomen – keeping them from licking or biting at surgical wounds or stitches while also giving them the freedom of movement that the cone appears to lack. No word yet on when they'll be issuing the doggie stethoscopes.

Dying to know what you’d look like with a new nose or a little liposuction? Take a look at your iPhone. An app developed by a new spa gives cosmetic surgery lovers – or even just the curious – a chance to take matters into their own hands (or fingers), and the option to fiddle with their appearance no matter where they are. The Allure Medical Spa app "Boost Your Beauty" features a visualization tool allowing users to upload a photo of themselves and perform "virtual surgery." Admit it, you’re curious. With a simple swipe of the finger, you can shrink your waist, proportion that butt or make your nose a little more Hollywood. Ah, if only getting the perfect body were really this easy. 

A virtual travel site is turning the joke about buying the Brooklyn Bridge a reality. LandMarksForSale.com is aimed at those in the travel and tourism industry who want to purchase a landmark to promote their services to potential customers. Buyers of each landmark, which include such global attractions as the Eiffel Tower and Great Wall of China, are able to submit a URL and up to 160 characters of text at the bottom of their landmarks photos. While the "ownership" is virtual in nature only, it's not hard to imagine that someday, we'll be seeing a banner draped across the bottom of the Great Pyramids reading:  "The Sphinx: Brought to you by Bob's Auto Body."