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10 Ways to Sell to Moms


Moms have always been the pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow for marketers. But not until social media, have moms had so much power to determine the direction of brands and marketing campaigns from the ground up. If you want to sell to moms, you need to get it just right.

Stacy DeBroff, founder and CEO of Mom Central Consulting, gives us some key tips on how to sell to moms and how to avoid rookie mom marketing mistakes.

  • Understand the nuances: With nine out of 10 moms on Facebook and with Twitter use up to 63 perfect among moms, it is evident that social media moms use the technology for more than keeping in touch – they pay attention to how brands interact with them online.
  • Look to other moms: Moms love insight on brands and products from fellow moms – peer perspective resonates so much more effectively with moms than celebrity endorsements or TV spots.
  • Listen and engage: Moms want conversational engagement with brands. They want brands talk with them – seeking out their ideas and opinions – not at them.
  • Be there: Driving moms to brand websites represents a thing of the past. Today, moms want brands to come to them – to where they are on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.
  • Get real: Moms look for authenticity and candor in dealing with brands. They want original content, direct interaction, and attentiveness from a real “human.”
  • Keep at it: When brands interact regularly with moms, it creates a sense of connection and fosters the feeling that moms can access content or relationships before others – which generates strong word-of-mouth action.
  • Meet up: Smart brands know the importance of personal interaction. Face-to-face meetings – whether they’re with top mommy bloggers or key influencers, allow brands to listen, engage, and interact directly with mom consumers.
  • Embrace advocates: Moms want to engage with the brands they feel passionate about – and then share their insight with other moms. Set your best advocates in motion on behalf of your brand and watch the enthusiasm ignite – both online and off.
  • Encourage connections: One in three moms want to meet other moms in their community. Brands who facilitate these connections – by creating local, offline opportunities for moms – extend the reach of their national programs and generate loyalty.
  • Go where moms go:  With more than 70 percent of moms toting smartphones, more and more opportunities exist for brands to stay on moms’ radar screens – offering coupons, special offers, and keeping connected.



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