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Affordable Gift Ideas for the CEO

Business News Daily Editor
Business News Daily Editor

If you want to express your gratitude to the CEO who already has everything, consider one of these unique gifts.

  • CEOs often are hard to buy for, since they have what they need and typically purchase whatever they want. So how do you choose what gift to get them?
  • Intangible gifts, such as donating to a charity or naming a star after them, can be meaningful to your CEO.
  • Other options include office décor, personalized gifts, gift cards and subscription services.

Your CEO likely has the money and resources to buy whatever they want. However, they will still appreciate a gift of gratitude from their employees. If you want to thank the CEO who has everything, consider one of these unique gifts.

Treats subscription box

Is your CEO an adventurous foodie? If so, gift them a Treats subscription box so they can taste authentic delights from around the world while learning about the cuisine of various countries. Each box includes unique treats, a postcard with information about that country's culture and customs, and dishes or recipes from the area. Price: $40.95/three-month subscription

Name a Star registry

Your CEO might have a fast car and a closet full of designer clothing, but do they have their own star? With this star registry, you can choose the coordinates of a desired star and name it after your CEO, gifting them with a custom star kit that includes a personalized parchment certificate, a sky chart and an astronomy booklet. They will be over the moon (literally) when they receive this gift. Price: $61.48

Best Things in Life gift basket

The best things in life are food. With this gift basket, your CEO can enjoy life's simplest and most delicious pleasures, like raspberry galettes and cheddar cheese snack mix. You can never go wrong with comfort food. Price: $69.99

Decision-maker paperweight

Making choices is hard, but it's crucial in a position of management. Help your CEO decide on everyday issues with this decision-maker paperweight, a perfect addition to their desk. Price: $20.00

Portable espresso maker

Never underestimate the power of coffee and the gift of the perfect cup. Your CEO is likely on the run more often than not, and it can be difficult for them to find time to brew and drink a hot mug of joe before heading out the door. A portable espresso maker is the perfect gift for those coffee-addicted executives who always seem to be in a rush. Price: $79.90

Tickets to an event

Rather than giving a physical gift to your CEO, consider their hobbies and interests. Do they like music? Purchase concert tickets for their favorite band. Are they die-hard fans of a specific team? Buy them tickets to a game. Your CEO will appreciate some time away from work for personal enjoyment. Price: Varies

Travel gift cards

CEOs frequently travel to and from various destinations for business. Take the financial edge off their next trip by purchasing a gift card for specific airlines, like Southwest, and transportation services, like Uber. Price: Varies

Charity donations

Everyone has a charity that means something to them, whether for a specific illness or disaster relief. Ask your CEO which charity they value most, and offer a generous donation in their honor. Price: Varies

Wireless charging pad

Who couldn't use an easy and sturdy way to charge their devices? These charging pads can plug into the computer or a USB adapter to quickly and wirelessly charge your phone or tablet. As your CEO sits at their desk, they can simply place their device on the pad and do their work. Price: $24.99 for two

Personalized stationery

As time goes by, traditional gestures become more important. Though many people do not take the time to write cards and letters anymore, doing so displays true professionalism. Get the CEO a set of stationery with their initials. Price: $20.99

Gift card to a local spa

Everyone enjoys a day to relax. Your CEO will greatly appreciate the opportunity to unwind with a massage, facial or guided meditation. Price: Varies

Moleskine journal cover

Like most business professionals, your CEO needs to write notes constantly, and they could use something a little more professional than a composition notebook or legal pad to remind them to add time to the parking meter or jot down bullet points for a presentation. This Moleskine journal cover makes your average notebook look as refined as your CEO. Price: $51

Office decor

If your boss needs the office to feel a bit more like home, find decorations that will make them feel like their office is their space. You could get their initials burned into wood. You could buy a simple wall clock. Or, you could give them a Zen garden or a bonsai tree. Whether it's a picture frame with a photo from the company picnic or a painting of the campus of their alma mater, decor is always a good idea for busy people. Price: Varies.

Scratch-off world map

If your CEO is a travel buff, get them a world map to show off all of the amazing places they've been. They can display this map in their office or their home. And because they likely travel for work anyway, they might as well have a way to track their progress. Price: $16.97

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