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Rapper Vanilla Ice Launches Real Estate Website

business ideas, entrepreneurs Credit: Business ideas image via Shutterstock

Want to "live life like a rock star?" Then real estate is the answer, according to Vanilla Ice, the rapper whose song "Ice, Ice Baby" shot him to fame in 1990. And he intends to teach you how to do it.

That’s right, Vanilla Ice, whose real name is Robert Van Winkle, has announced the launch of his own real estate website, VanillaIceRealEstate.com. The site offers to teach aspiring real estate investors how to turn real estate investing into a successful business — and, of course, reap the high-living rewards, such as trips to Vegas and bikini-clad admirers, that come with it.

Van Winkle, who is also the host of a reality show, "The Vanilla Ice Project," on HGTV, has been into real estate almost as long as his music career.

“When ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ was selling a million records a day, I bought several properties: a home next to Michael J. Fox in L.A., a palace in Miami, and mountain cabin in Utah; then, a few years later, I took a break from touring, saw that my properties had cobwebs, so I sold them, and to my surprise, I made a huge profit,” Van Winkle said in a statement.

The singer's real estate experiences are also highlighted on his television show where he buys, renovates and resells homes for a profit. Van Winkle says he has been through it all in the volatile real estate field.

“I’ve been through up and down markets, I’ve seen it all, and right now, I’m doing better than ever,” he said.  “There's never been a better time to invest in real estate than right now."

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