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Best iPhone XS Cases for Professionals

Best iPhone XS Cases for Professionals
Credit: hurricanehawk/Shutterstock

Apple's new iPhone XS hit the market in late September and has already won over a large number of fans. Packing a longer battery life, better camera performance and 50 percent faster processing than the iPhone X, the latest model makes it hard to delay an upgrade.

One feature to keep in mind as you contemplate investing just under $1,000 on this newest model is the edge-to-edge, bezel-less screen, making it both classy and crackable.

To keep your shiny new XS extra safe, we've rounded up five of the best iPhone XS cases for professionals. 

Credit: Vena

Carrying your wallet or purse can be a hassle when you're running a quick errand or heading to the gym. The Vena vCommute Wallet Case makes it easy to carry just what you need when you're on the go. The phone case includes three hidden card slots to store your credit cards and ID. It also has a foldable leather flap in back that doubles as a kickstand, so you can go hands-free when videoconferencing. This polycarbonate case offers military drop-test standards, and you don't have to remove it to wirelessly charge the XS. It is available in space gray and rose gold for $24.99.

Credit: Casetify

You’re one of a kind and your phone should reflect that. The monogrammed leather case from Casetify does just that by letting you add your initials to it in gold- or silver-foil print. It's also available in four color options – cherry, sand, gold and silver – making it stand out in a world filled with black cases. You won't have to sacrifice protection for personalization with this case, as it is made from military-grade materials and a shock-absorbing bumper that keeps your new XS safe from drops. The case starts at $49 for the iPhone XS.

Credit: SafeSleeve

A case with triple-duty protection offers three times as many reasons to consider buying it. The SafeSleeve for iPhone XS is impact-resistant, with durable materials used for the inner and outer case to guard against cracks, dings and scratches. It also reduces your radiation exposure with its FCC-accredited, lab-tested shielding technology that can block over 99 percent of radio frequency radiation and 92 percent of extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation from your cell phone. The SafeSleeve also sports RFID blocking card slots, which protects your credit card and ID from being skimmed by thieves. This triple-threat case is available in six color options for $49.95.

Credit: Peel

Sometimes light and simple is the perfect way to go. The Super Thin iPhone XS Case from Peel makes minimalism majorly appealing. The case forgoes the bulk and measures at a barely-there 0.35 mm, adding as little weight as possible to your iPhone XS. Available in eight color options, the cases are fully or semi-transparent, depending on the color you select. This style allows the phone's natural sleekness to shine through. The Peel Super Thin iPhone XS Case is available on Amazon for $27.

Credit: PureGear

The iPhone XS has a pretty amazing design, so why hide it? The DualTek Clear Case from PureGear puts the craftsmanship of your phone front and center. The acrylic case is surrounded by a colored bump that offers shock-absorbing corner protection from drops and falls. It also has an ergonomic grip, making it comfortable to hold while talking and texting. Available with pink, black or blue bumpers, the DualTek Clear Case is $34.99 on Amazon.

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