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Useful Salesforce Extensions for Small Businesses

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Casimiro PT/Shutterstock

Salesforce is a popular CRM that allows small business teams to more effectively manage their marketing, sales and customer service all from one place.

Launched in 1999 at the dawn of internet sales and marketing, this cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform has evolved into one of the most customizable sales management tools in the market. Much of the power of Salesforce lies in numerous extensions that are available for it on Chrome.

Here are nine useful Salesforce extensions for small businesses.

Training new users in a complex CRM such as Salesforce can be time-consuming for business owners. Many owners worry the time will be wasted, and they will not be able to effectively train people to use the system effectively. The Whatfix free extension solves much of the training problems inherent in teaching a new employee to use Salesforce. Users can easily work through various training modules via the self-help widget for free. Businesses that will use the tool extensively can upgrade to the enterprise version.

Credit: whatfix

This free extension gives small business owners easy access to 10 of the most insightful questions they can ask about their consumers. Some of the information that is available includes customer segmentation by location, activity, type and industry. With this information readily available, making informed decisions for sales and marketing purposes becomes much easier.

What small business owner couldn't benefit from an administrative assistant? This free extension offers several tools to help admins or business owners interact with Salesforce more effectively and efficiently. A few of the tasks Admin Assistant can help with include modifying profiles, mass deletions, reviewing report results, chat integration and profile setting modifications.

Credit: CRM Science

Another free extension, Eventable, is a powerful app that is much more than just another calendar integration. It works seamlessly with Salesforce to become a centralized location to manage the schedule of your entire company while simultaneously allowing you to see real-time statistics related to how various contacts interact with planned events.

In addition, this free extension offers a substantial degree of customization in the way contacts can add events and meetings to their personal calendar, calendar notifications that can be customized to increase conversion rates, and contact segmentation by a variety of factors. The ability to add a layer of marketing to customers' phone and computer calendars has the potential to be a powerful tool for savvy small business owners.

This communication app will cost businesses just $8 per user, per month with discounts available to nonprofits. It creates an instant employee intranet that allows users to collaborate and communicate effortlessly. Newsletters, blogs and alerts are all part of this service and can be accessed from those within the organization on any device. The extension is fully customizable, and the user interface is intuitive.

If you have a business that regularly sends invoices, this extension may solve many of your problems. Starting at $59 per user, per month, this extension allows you to quickly and easily organize all invoices that originate in Salesforce. In addition to facilitating easy invoice batching, users have complete control over the appearance and functionality of each individual invoice. Businesses can change the layout, content, and design of each invoice and record payments within the invoices so customers are automatically aware of their outstanding balances.

Credit: Salesforce

Even the most organized small business owner can use a little boost to increase general productivity. These three extensions will do just that.

The ColumnCopy free extension makes it easy to copy HTML tables from Salesforce into an external format, such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. You'll find it remarkably useful to export and sort data in a meaningful and personalized way without unnecessary information or hassle using this extension.

ORGanizer is one of the most highly rated productivity apps for Salesforce users. It makes it easy for users to manage several Salesforce logins, easily identify frequently used Salesforce tabs and access the most frequently used Salesforce links.

You might not realize just how much time you waste individually checking boxes in Salesforce, but all the box-checking can really add up. Admin Check All by Dan Pazehoski can dramatically reduce setup time for routine tasks.

If your small business is already using Salesforce but isn't taking advantage of the numerous extensions available to boost its functionality, now is the time to start. With so many free and paid options available, you are sure to find something that will make using Salesforce easier and more effective for your company. Let us know what you think of them!

Marisa Sanfilippo

Marisa Sanfilippo is an award-winning marketing professional who has more than six years experience developing and executing marketing campaigns for small and medium sized businesses with a focus on digital marketing. After graduating Stockton University with a B.A. in Communications and minor in writing, Marisa worked as a freelance journalist for numerous publications, ultimately earning a position as an e-marketing specialist for a credit union. While in that position, she earned HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Certification and helped build the organization’s digital marketing strategy from the ground up. Her efforts helped lead the credit union to success on and offline including: a 200%+ organic increase in Facebook followers, a sales generating blog, and much more. Later on, she worked on a social media campaign that gained recognition by The Huffington Post.