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Google Helps Job Seekers Find Training Programs Nearby

Business News Daily Editor
Business News Daily Editor

Google announced a new program to help job seekers find openings and local training opportunities to meet the job’s requirements.

  • Google Pathways is a skills-based tool used to connect employees with local training opportunities in their field.
  • Google Alerts is an online tool that can be utilized to save local job searches and get notified of new openings.
  • Along with Google, Indeed is considered one of the best job search engines due to the high number of postings and ease of use.

Even with tools such as Indeed and Glassdoor, it can be difficult to find a job that you're completely qualified for. Google is trying to make it easier for job seekers find job openings and local training opportunities to meet all the job requirements.

Google Pathways connects employees with training resources

After recognizing the skills gap between employers and potential employees, Google announced a new feature called "Pathways." The feature is designed to help people find information about the skills needed for a job and connect them with local training resources.[Read related article: Resume Tips for the Inexperienced]

"We see an opportunity for Search to help bridge this gap by connecting job seekers with effective, nearby job training programs delivering skills local employers need," Nick Zakrasek, product manager at Google, wrote in a blog post.

Pathways is part of the Grow with Google initiative to ensure economic opportunity for everyone.

"When someone searches for jobs on Google, we'll show not only jobs available right now in their area, but also information about effective local training and education programs," wrote Zakrasek.

Google has started a pilot of Pathways in Virginia, and is partnering with the State of Virginia, The Virginia Community College System, local employers and others. Google is also piloting with Goodwill to make sure their education and training programs can be found easily online.

Google hopes to take information from the pilot to develop new features and make the information accessible to everyone in the United States.  

Potential ways to use Google to find jobs

Google relies on its search engine features to connect users to open positions. Google provides a feature for managers to add their job openings to confirm that those who search for new positions will see listings. Job postings may be linked from an individual website or a third-party provider. This allows those looking for a job to simply type in the position title to find openings. For instance, if you type in "engineering jobs" to the Google search bar, Google uses your location to populate a list of local engineering job posts. Multiple third-party job search sites appear under the search results, including ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Inside Higher Ed Careers.

Once you click on any of the available openings, a window appears with a summary of the available job and qualifications. Within the job description, a link is available to apply directly to the position through the third-party provider.

To find the most relevant job opportunities, try different search terms and narrow searches by using long-tail keywords. One example could be "entry-level mechanical engineering jobs in Philadelphia." Once you have a search term that yields the results you want, set up notifications for new results through Google Alerts. To receive search engine results, you only need a Google account. In settings, choose how often Google should email you about the new results.  

Other websites helping seekers find jobs

While Google Pathways will be a helpful feature for job seekers, there are other tools you should check out if you're searching for a new gig. Here's what other websites are doing to make finding a job easier:

  • Facebook: Facebook marketplace allows individuals to search for job openings using the social platform. Facebook will auto-fill applications with profile information such as job history. The site also has a goal to train 1 million people and small businesses in digital skills by 2020, and help job seekers develop skills.

  • Indeed: Indeed is a website and mobile app that lets individuals search for jobs. Job seekers can filter results based on industry, location, desired salary, job type and experience level.

  • Monster: Monster also has a website and mobile app, and lets job seekers search for new openings and filter results based on needs and location. With Monster, you can access your resumes, cover letter and previously submitted job applications. You can also be notified when new positions are added.  

  • LinkedIn Job Search: LinkedIn is a social media network, and is one of the most popular professional networking tools available. With LinkedIn Job Search, you can look for open positions and connect with other professionals.

  • CareerBuilder: Link other job sites, individuals can search for jobs by industry, location or company with You may track and view your job-search history, save jobs for later and view your competition's educational levels and years of experience.

  • Glassdoor: With Glassdoor, you can look at more than just job openings. You can also read feedback from current and past employees about a company's culture, benefits, pay, interview process and more. You can also leave comments and reviews on companies you've worked for in the past.

Which is the best site for finding jobs?

The best site for locating new jobs depends on a few factors. For instance, if you're looking for an opening for a certain organization, check their website. Many corporations post openings on their own dedicated job boards. Government jobs can also usually be located through each department's website.

However, one of the best websites for job searches is Indeed, with its user-friendly layout and ease of navigation. Indeed is also one of the most popular job boards, with an estimated 10 new jobs posted every second. The search feature permits job searches by title or keywords found in the description.

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