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5 Celebrity Endorsement Platforms for SMBs

. / Credit: nito / Shutterstock.com

Marketing efforts are evolving, with social media playing a role for most brands. Many companies are setting up sponsorships with microinfluencers to attract attention to their brand. However, despite what most SMBs think, you can shoot high and land influencers with a much larger following.

There are many platforms that connect small businesses with celebrities, creating endorsements that boost sales and encourage buzz around their business. Here are five platforms to help your SMB land celebrity endorsements.

This branding and marketing agency specializes in celebrity bookings and endorsements, according to their CEO, Jared Shapiro. They coordinate product placements, social media posts and events with celebrities. This type of buzz is perfect for any startup or SMB looking to increase engagement and sales.

This celebrity endorsement platform makes influencer marketing more accessible and affordable. Using FamePick, SMBs can leverage profiles of real celebrities and run sponsored ad campaigns on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. FamePick's algorithm determines which celebrities would be most appropriate for your brand, based on your products and services and the celebrity's demographic.

Talent Resources connects brands with celebrities and influencers across various digital platforms. They coordinate social media endorsements (with names like Kylie Jenner and Demi Lovato), celebrity appearances at business events or venues (including stars like Jamie Fox and Emily Ratajkowski), and celebrity endorsement campaigns (like Kelly Clarkson as the face of Citizen Watch.) This talent agency is perfect for SMBs looking to connect with the most prominent personalities.

This influencer marketing platform connects brands with social media influencers of all levels, including celebrities. Using real-time CPI, ROI and engagement analytics, Find Your Influence discovers and connects brands with the best influencers in the market. If you want to find successful and applicable endorsements for your SMB, consider using this platform.

CelebExperts connects brands of all sorts and sizes with the right celebrities and influencers for their mission. There are three main focuses the company prioritizes: hiring celebrities/influencers for endorsements/collaborations, providing high-end corporate consulting and hiring celebrity/famous speakers. Your SMB will benefit from one of these offerings.

Sammi Caramela

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