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Best Call Center Service for Outbound Services: Five Star Call Centers Review

Five Star Call Centers
Credit: Five Star Call Centers

After conducting considerable research and analysis of call center services, we recommend Five Star Call Centers as the best call center for outbound services in 2018.

Five Star blends inbound and outbound services with highly personalized campaigns to deliver a quality experience. While Five Star typically requires a one-year contract or $3,000 per month minimum, its pricing for dedicated agents, which handle outbound services, is reasonable, and the support the company lends you in crafting your campaign is indispensable.

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Five Star Call Centers offer both a shared agent model as well as a dedicated agent model. The shared agent model operates on a per-minute monthly rate billed in one-second increments. Shared agents start at roughly 78 cents per minute, which is on the lower end of the companies we evaluated, and can be negotiated lower for clients with higher volumes of calls. As you scale, you are given the option to transition to a dedicated agent model.

Five Star Call Centers charges an average price of about $26 per hour for a dedicated agent who only handles calls for your company and can conduct an outbound campaign on your behalf. Dedicated agents offer a higher level of functionality and can man additional channels like email and live web chat in addition to both your inbound and outbound call center needs.

Setup and training fees run around $20 per hour per agent, and the amount of time setup takes depends on the intricacies of your campaigns and the service levels required. Five Star bills for what is known as "agent work time," or the time an agent is not on a call but still working on your account, although for clients with certain call volumes or less agent work time requirements, that can be negotiated.

Five Star Call Centers largely handles inbound services but can incorporate an extensive array of outbound services as well. Typically, the company crafts outbound campaigns for existing clients, but can work with new customers to meet their outbound needs as well.

Five Star offers outbound services, such as lead generation and qualification, for expanding your customer base, market research through surveys and polls, and email follow up. Five Star Call Centers also offer payment reminders, customer retention programs, and crisis management services.

Our customer service experience with Five Star Call Center was very positive. We initially left a voicemail, which was promptly returned with a call from a customer service representative. We explained that we were not interested in making any commitments but wanted to learn more about the company and its business model.

The representative then walked us through the company's offerings and explained how it would work. He was forthcoming with information about pricing as well as what we could expect during the setup and training process, both in terms of fees and service. He also offered advice on vetting other call centers, even if we chose not to partner with Five Star Call Centers for our fictional retail business. Overall, it was a highly informative and cordial call.

While Five Star Call Centers is our best pick for outbound services, it also offers a strong slate of inbound services. These include order-taking and processing, call forwarding, full customer support outsourcing, cross-selling and upselling, referral services, and help desk solutions.

If you've never worked with a call center before, Five Star will help you craft your script and walk you through the information you need to provide to make your outsourced call center services as effective as possible. Five Star also offers live web chat and email support services, although those might require a dedicated agent model.

Five Star is one of the few call centers we reviewed that requires you to sign a one-year contract. However, each contract includes a 90-day opt-out clause if you are unsatisfied with service or must cancel for some reason. There are no cancellation fees if you invoke the opt-out clause. Annual contracts auto-renew without prior notice.

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Editor's Note: Looking for a call center service for your business? Fill out the questionnaire below to be connected with vendors that can help.

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