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Dress for Success: Tech That Helps You Dress for Work

image for jacoblund / Getty Images
jacoblund / Getty Images

Technology only continues to advance with recent strides in AI, but is it making a turn toward the creepy? For instance, consider this helpful yet invasive tech: a mirror that offers expert fashion advice. There are many similar tech gadgets and apps for fashion on the market, helping users choose the right outfits and match their clothing with accessories from their own closets.<p>

Whether or not you back this trend, you can't deny the power of tech – and the impressive fashion sense it instills in many. If you're an early adopter, here are four apps and gadgets to help you dress for the job you want and not the job you have.

Amazon's new gadget might be a bit too aggressive for some, what with its camera and AI style assistant, but for those techies looking to experiment, this device could be a great addition to your morning routine. The Echo Look allows you to snap a picture of your outfit so it can be "style checked" by your own (artificial) assistant, who then offers fashion tips for your consideration.

This app helps you create unique outfits out of the clothes you already own and recommends new articles of clothing to benefit your personal style. You can upload photos of your clothes to create outfits and schedule them for upcoming events. You can also shop directly on the app and add your purchases to your digital closet. Stylebook keeps tabs on what you wore and when you wore it, helping you avoid repeating outfits for work.

GlamOutfit allows you to upload your wardrobe so you have each article of clothing saved on the app. From there, you can request styling based on the occasion (e.g., work, school, night out, etc.) and choose from outfits created from your own clothing for any event.

Stylehacks is like having your own personal stylist that fits in your pocket. You answer questions based on your style preferences, and each morning you get fashion advice sent to Messenger based on the weather, your agenda and your wardrobe. This is perfect for workers trying to grow and spice up their professional wardrobe.