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3 Ways to Break Into the Wedding Business, Advice from Kleinfeld Owner


Mara J. Urshel, the co-owner of Kleinfeld Bridal, knows how to make a bride happy. For starters, she gives them each her home phone number to use in case they have a problem with their dress and can't reach anyone at the company's flagship store in Manhattan.

Urshel, who has more than 30 years of luxury market experience, including a 20-year tenure with Saks Fifth Avenue, believes the key to making her customers happy is doing whatever it takes to make the day perfect.

[Read main story: Brides Say 'I Do' To Comfort] She offered BusinessNewsDaily readers three key tips on how to succeed in the wedding business.

  • Provide the ultimate in service, Urshel said. "The bride wants to know that someone is truly listening to her and paying attention to her. We follow you until the door opens and you walk down the aisle."
  • You need to be accessible immediately when needed. "Brides get very frustrated when no one is available to help them," Urshel said. "We send each bride a welcome letter with our home numbers. It's really a lifeline."
  • Stay on top of wedding trends. "Trends are changing more now than they ever have," she said. "Go to the markets, see what designers feature, and grasp what the trends are going to be."


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