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Where to Buy Refurbished Tech for a Small Business

Credit: Rebrova Irina

As a small business owner, you want to save as much money as you can in acquiring technology. A common way to cut costs is to buy used tech rather than brand new equipment, which can be two to three times more expensive.

When looking for quality refurbished tech, you may be overwhelmed by your options, plus it's difficult to know which websites offer quality products. [Read related: What You Need to Know About Refurbished Technology]

Check out our list of retailers and outlets where you can find quality refurbished tech that will save your business money, without compromising quality:

Amazon seemingly sells everything, including refurbished gear, which it calls Amazon Renewed. All refurbished items sold by Amazon have reportedly been tested and certified by qualified suppliers. Testing involves a diagnostic, replacement of defective parts and a cleaning. According to Amazon, "Products have no visible cosmetic imperfections when held 12 inches away." Gadgets also come with a minimum warranty of 90 days. You can find all types of technology, including smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets and more.

Best Buy defines a refurbished product as one that either had a cosmetic defect (such as a scratch, blemish or dent), that did not meet the customer's expectations, or was pre-owned and was then restored and verified to work.

According to the company, all refurbished items sold by Best Buy have been tested to meet the company's standards to ensure they perform as well as a brand new item. Best Buy's "like new" refurbished items come with a shorter warranty (versus new items), but if you purchase a Geek Squad Protection plan (prices vary), you may get some peace of mind.

This refurbished electronics seller specializes in Apple products. JemJem is a great place to find deals on Macs, MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and other Apple accessories. JemJem-certified products are reset to factory settings, are tested to ensure they work, and they come with a 90-day warranty covering parts and labor. JemJem only ships within the U.S., but it is free. If you want shipment outside the U.S., you need to use a package-forwarding service.

This online retailer sells a variety of products, which includes refurbished electronics. Newegg is also an authorized Microsoft refurbisher, so it has excellent deals on Microsoft desktops and laptops. The company's Factory Serviced and Refurbished program inspects products for any damage (repairs are done by a certified technician) and returns them to the original factory setting. Newegg states that some products might have marks, scratches or other "slight signs of wear." Each device is covered under its own specific warranty and comes with a return policy found under the specifications tab on the website.

The Refurb.io online retailer provides services in the U.S. and Canada only. They are an authorized Microsoft refurbisher that exclusively sells laptops and desktops. The company claims all electronics are "restored to function as new products." Gadgets are cleaned and tested. All sales carry a free one-year warranty.

Our last recommendation for buying refurbished tech are government websites such as govdeals.com. Here you can bid on items the government has in possession and is trying to sell. You can find many tech items here at very low prices. However, these items usually come with no warranty.

Buying refurbished items is a great way to reduce costs for your business, but be keep in mind who you are buying from, what kind of quality checks they do and the type of warranties their products come with.

Shimon Brathwaite

Shimon Brathwaite is an undergraduate co-op student from Ryerson University, graduating in 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. Shimon has worked in information technology and the water sports industry in between academic semesters. His hobbies include a wide variety of sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Muay Thai and keeping up with TV series like The 100 and Game of Thrones. Contact him at sbrathwaite@ryerson.ca and check out his website at cyberintel.ca.