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What Makes Customers Click? 4 Tips to Improve Your Click-Through Rate

What Makes Customers Click? 4 Tips to Improve Your Click-Through Rate
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Getting customers to click is one of the toughest parts of digital marketing. Not only do you need to interest them enough to trust your brand, but you have to deliver as expected to increase this occurrence in the future.

No matter how great your products and services are, they won't matter if your customers don't have the chance to learn about them. Maintaining a high click-through rate is a critical goal in marketing. Here are four tips to improve yours.

Your customers are the core of your business. If you want to increase sales, you need to know what exactly your target audience is searching for, and how to get on their radar.

"Improving your [click-through rate] begins with understanding your customers and what you offer them," said Dan Dykstra, director of digital marketing at Combined Insurance, a Chubb company. "If you truly understand what they need and how they're searching, you can design better ads that meet their needs. In an era where mass customization is more commonplace, users expect answers that precisely match their questions – they're not altering how they search to maximize the chances for the right result."

Find out where your customers spend their time and the types of advertisements that would interest them. For example, if your shoppers frequently use Facebook, create a Facebook ad with an interactive link to recruit them to your site. Go where they are and deliver what they need.

Consumers are often attracted by visuals, like color schemes or intriguing images. This is an important tactic in digital marketing that requires research and experimentation.

There are many ways to create a visually appealing ad. For example, Iskra Evtimova, SEO and marketing specialist, recommended using visual guidelines, or lines that naturally guide a person's eye to the button or link you want them to click.

"It may be a simple line, it may be an image of a person who is looking in the button's direction," Evtimova said. "Imagine you are walking on a street and you see 10 people looking [in] one direction. Are you going to look to this direction, too? This instinct works the same on websites."

She also advised using a different color for the buttons so that they stand out on the website. That way, customers aren't searching for a call-to-action (CTA); they're attracted to it.

"Make sure they stand out so that it's obvious that is the CTA on your page," added Chris Pontine, owner and publisher of Creating A Website Today. "The goal is to make it look clickable and not blend in so much your readers don't have a clue."

You likely won't get it perfect the first time around, and that's OK. Pontine recommends assessing the impact of various colors and designs by using A/B testing to see which converts better. [Interested in e-commerce software? Check out our best picks.]

While visuals might first attract an audience, your copy is just as impactful. If customers aren't intrigued by what you have to say, or find themselves bored by your proposal, they'll move on without a second thought. Write in a way that interests them, using relevant and powerful diction.

In addition to including your keywords in your ads, you also need to make sure the content itself is engaging and will entice your target audience, said Nedelina Payaneva, marketing specialist for Asian Absolute.

"Taking the time to write ads that are persuasive and compelling will increase your chances of getting users to click," Payaneva said. "Spend some time analyzing what other businesses are doing and then try writing something that stands out as being different."

CTA buttons, which often live on business and landing sites, are a marketing tactic that brings consumers to a conversion. Some examples include: "sign up today," "book now" and "try it free." These widgets make customers feel more compelled to click and purchase a brand's products or services

"Take the time to understand the persona of your demographic and make sure that the CTA button is enticing them to find out what is on the other side of that button," said Roman Rabinovich, vice president of business development at Eventige. "The other side of the button should be a bold claim that answers a question that the consumer may have or a solution to a problem that the consumer is exploring."

Be sure to always follow through on what you promise your customers, or you might harm your reputation and their trust in your brand. Deliver as expected, and you'll recruit loyal customers in no time.

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