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Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases

Charell Star

The Galaxy S9/S9+ recently hit the market, and it comes with a beautiful 6.2-inch screen that you don't want to watch shatter as it hits the floor. The newest addition to the Samsung line starts at $720, so snagging a case to keep it safe is a wise investment. Choosing between the S9 and S9+ model is tough enough, so we rounded up our list of five of the best biz-friendly cases to make selecting a case easy for you.     

Evo Luxe

Dropping your phone is inevitable, but a solid case can keep that moment from being disastrous. The Evo Luxe has drop protection from up to 12 inches and is built to withstand multiple falls. Designed with faux leather, the 1.8-mm thin case fits comfortably in your hand and doesn't have to be removed for wireless charging. The Evo Luxe is available in black and is $49.99 for the S9\S9+.

Credit: Evo Luxe

Moshi Vitros

Keeping your phone protected doesn't always mean covering it up. The Moshi Vitros is crystal clear and lets you see every design feature of your Galaxy S9. The slim case is designed with a durable polymer that provides military-grade drop protection. Resistant to heat, bending, and scratches, the Vitros is also shock absorbent and includes encased power and volume buttons built into its frame. The Moshi Vitros is available in titanium gray or jet silver and is $25 for the S9 and $30 for the S9+.

Credit: Moshi

Crosspace Wallet

Running a quick errand shouldn't require lugging your entire wallet or purse around. With the Crosspace Wallet, that is no longer necessary. The polycarbonate case includes a hidden card slot for storing a credit card and ID. The wallet is impact-resistant and has a raised frame to protect the corners of your Galaxy S9. It also has a smooth grip and thin design, making it easy to slide in and out of pockets. The Crosspace Wallet is available in black, gold, rose gold, light blue, and navy and is $7.99.

Credit: Crosspace

KSNY Charlotte Stripe

Style may be subjective, but you know it when you see it. And it's easy to see in the KSNY Charlotte Stripe case. Designed by Kate Spade, the slim, hard shell-backed case is clear with sophisticated bold stripes. It includes an impact-absorbing bumper and easy-to-grip frame to protect against damage. Made of polycarbonate, the Charlotte is super lightweight. The KSNY Charlotte Stripe is $39.99.

Credit: Kate Spade New York

Flyee Folio

Protecting your phone from falls is great, but you may want to keep it safe from scratches as well. The Flyee Folio does just that by covering both the front and rear of your phone. The flip case includes three slots to hold your credit cards and ID as well as an area to store cash. Wireless charging is also possible without removing your S9 from the Folio. Made from faux leather, the Flyee Folio is available in black, brown, light brown, grey, blue and red for $9.99.

Credit: Flyee
Image Credit: Samsung's Galaxy S9 is the most well-rounded business smartphone on the market. / Credit: Samsung
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