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9 Most Brilliantly Designed 404 Error Pages

9 Most Brilliantly Designed 404 Error Pages
Credit: Shutterstock

What is a 404 error page? It's an HTTP standard response code that basically alerts visitors that a page on your website or blog cannot connect with the server. A 404 page is presented when a link is broken, the link has changed or the page being sought by the visitor has been removed or deleted.

When visitors reach a 404 error message, they see that there's been an error on your company's part. It can be an embarrassing moment. But it doesn't have to be a disaster. A custom, creatively designed and on-brand 404 page can soften the blow and earn your business big points for style, humor and creativity. Think of your 404 error page as a branding opportunity.

The best 404 pages don't just announce an error but also include a graceful exit for visitors – a link to the home page, the company blog, the product page, the About Us page or a combination of links. Some companies proudly share their beautifully designed 404 pages on social media to provide a glimpse into their brand personality to prospective customers and others.

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Credit: AirBnB

Provide an enjoyable stay and departure details for visitors. And animation can be fun. View it here.

Credit: Audiko

Show your company's artsy side while also tying back to your product or service. In this case, the company makes mobile phone ring tones. View it here.

Credit: Backcountry

Apologize and make it right, all in keeping with your brand. Also try and anticipate what they might have been searching for to begin with. View it here.

Credit: Bloomberg

Keep it clean, simple, and straightforward. Be polite and apologetic. View it here.

Credit: Cloud Sigma

Demonstrate your company's wild side, and show a sense of humor. View it here.

Credit: Dropbox

Consider using simple, child-like illustrations paired with a professional tone. A little whimsy can go a long way. View it here.

Credit: Emirates

Make your 404 error page a brand ambassador, and give visitors options that make sense. View it here.

Credit: GitHub

Connect with your audience and demonstrate that the force is with you. Hint: If you move your mouse over the illustration when viewing this 404 page you get a surprise. View it here.

Credit: Lego

Let your products do the explaining for you. It's just another reminder of who you are even though they didn't find what they wanted. View it here.

Pamela Oldham

Professional writer and content strategist with strong experience in multiple writing disciplines and a background as a technology and healthcare marketing practitioner.