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NexTraq Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
  • NexTraq is our pick for the GPS fleet tracking service with the best safety features.
  • NexTraq helps businesses maintain ELD and DVIR compliance.
  • Users can access basic safety features or add on the Driver Safety package for advanced features.
  • This article is for small business owners and fleet managers who want to understand NexTraq's GPS fleet tracking offering.

After conducting extensive research on GPS fleet tracking services, we recommend NexTraq as the GPS fleet tracking service with the best safety features in 2021. NexTraq offers flexible pricing, one- to three-year contracts, and free device installation. The company offers both plug-and-play and advanced hardware, and it doesn't require any vehicle minimums. With its comparative driver analysis, driver coaching features, engine diagnostics, preventative maintenance details, and add-on safety options, NexTraq can help you build a safer fleet. 



The Verdict

NexTraq, our pick for best safety, provides fleet managers with insights on driver performance, fleet safety trends, and GPS tracking to inform fleet managers of where they can improve safety.

We chose NexTraq from dozens of GPS fleet tracking services. To learn more about how we selected NexTraq and to see all of our recommendations for GPS fleet tracking services, visit our best picks page. 


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NexTraq Pricing and Contracts

Like many telematics companies, NexTraq doesn't list its pricing information online. If you want to find out how much NexTraq's services will cost for your business, you'll have to speak with its sales team for a custom quote. NexTraq requires a one- to three-year contract for its services, which is standard for the industry. It offers free hardware installation with any purchase.

When we reached out to NexTraq about a standard GPS tracking plan for a fleet of 20 vehicles, we were quoted prices of $80 per unit, plus $16.96 per vehicle per month for a one-year plan, or $17.95 per vehicle per month (with no upfront costs) for a three-year plan.

Users looking for additional safety features can take advantage of NexTraq's Driver Safety package, which includes features like driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), in-cab buzzers and dash cameras. We were told that a three-year plan would cost roughly $39.95 for outward-facing cameras, or $42.95 for dual-facing cameras. These prices are just estimates based on our criteria, so you will need to contact a representative for a specific quote based on your needs.

Key takeaway: NexTraq offers one- to three-year telematics contracts, with the ability to add extra driver safety features.

NexTraq Features

Tracking Hardware

NexTraq provides several hardware options for small businesses, with plug-and-play devices, advanced hardware, asset trackers, trailer trackers, and heavy equipment trackers. NexTraq devices are tamper-proof and provide minute-to-minute tracking. The company offers free installation, so you don't have to worry about correctly installing devices to your fleet. 

Driver Safety

NexTraq provides a host of safety features to keep you on top of your drivers' performance. It offers detailed metrics on your fleet's safety so you can cut down on aggressive driving and save money on fuel consumption. You can also view driver safety scorecards, which identify risky driving behaviors and improve employee visibility. By tracking driver behavior, you get a better understanding of how your fleet operates. You can also see if you need to prioritize driver safety education and develop strategies to boost your fleet's performance. These features make NexTraq a good system for small businesses wanting to prioritize the safety of their drivers and community.

For businesses wanting advanced safety features, NexTraq offers a Driver Safety package that includes safety features like DVIR, dash cameras, and in-cab buzzers to alert drivers when they engage in poor driving behaviors. Users can also sign up for MobileBlock, an advanced feature that blocks active drivers from unacceptable cell phone activity. This technology, which works through a pod that you can mount in company vehicles to coordinate with an app on the driver's phone, locks the phone's screen to help keep your drivers focused on the road.

Maintenance and Optimization

NexTraq provides fuel cards that track, monitor and analyze your vehicles' fuel consumption. This can help you reduce inefficiencies and prioritize more fuel-efficient driving practices. NexTraq also offers data and insight on how you can optimize your fleet's routes for efficiency and when your vehicles are ready for maintenance repairs. Keeping your drivers in healthy vehicles on optimal routes is a great way to keep them safe. 

Alerts and Reporting

Users can easily access NexTraq and its reports through its cloud-based platform or mobile application. You can set live alerts to receive a text or email when a major safety hazard occurs. You can also schedule reports on your fleet to better manage fuel usage, understand vehicle history and analyze overall fleet status.

Key takeaway: NexTraq offers features like driver scorecards, maintenance scheduling, DVIR, dash cameras, in-cab buzzers, and mobile device locks to keep your fleet safe.


Although NexTraq offers customer support in various ways, you may find its online support lacking. When we reached out to representatives, posing as fleet managers, we were disappointed that their online support was slightly delayed. We were ultimately pleased with the content and thoughtfulness of their responses, but the delayed response leads us to believe that users would be better supported by scheduling a live demo or contacting a representative by phone. This is something to consider if you need a GPS tracking solution with instant online support.

Key takeaway: NexTraq's online responses to customers can be slow, so you might want to call the company instead if you have urgent technical issues or questions. 

Customer Service

NexTraq offers several online resources, such as case studies, news and events, whitepapers, testimonials, FAQs, blogs, and a savings calculator. You can reach customer support by phone, email and web chat. To get a feel for NexTraq's customer support, we posed as fleet managers and reached out to its representatives. Their responses were thorough and helpful, but, as we discussed above, their online response took a little longer than we would have liked. Based on this experience, we recommend that you schedule a demo or call for immediate assistance.

NexTraq has a decent online reputation. It is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, scoring an A+ with the rating agency. However, the few individual reviews left on its BBB page are not great. These reviews are not necessarily an accurate reflection of NexTraq's services, but you might want to read and consider customer reviews in your own decision-making process.

Key takeaway: NexTraq customer support is available by phone, email, and web chat, and you can find self-help resources on its website.

Editor's note: Looking for information on GPS fleet tracking systems? Fill out the below questionnaire to be connected with vendors that can help.


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The Verdict

NexTraq, our pick for best safety, provides fleet managers with insights on driver performance, fleet safety trends, and GPS tracking to inform fleet managers of where they can improve safety.

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
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