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9 Best Apps for Jira

Jackie Dove
Jackie Dove

Jira can help teams organize and manage a diverse array of projects, processes and tasks.

You may know Atlassian's Jira as a bug-tracking and software development package. But it's so much more than that now. For small businesses, Jira can help teams organize and manage a diverse array of projects, processes, and tasks for a spectrum of non-technical business specialties like law, HR, marketing, finance, IT, infrastructure, medical research, and operations.

Jira comes in three flavors: Jira Core focuses on collaborative environments, workflow, employee processing and project tracking via customizable business project templates. The second, Jira Software, specifically targets agile development teams in planning, tracking and releasing software. The third, Jira Service Desk, designed for IT help desks, assists customers and IT personnel with managing incidents and issues.

Jira operates both locally and in the cloud, making it ideal for small companies, as companion mobile apps for iOS and Android expand its reach and utility. Jira offers vast functionality on its own, but it can achieve even greater productivity with apps – plugins that are geared to specific aspects of your workflow.

The Atlassian Marketplace lists thousands of Jira apps from various developers spanning project management, IT and help desk services, integrations, time tracking, and more. We picked out nine broad-based favorites that benefit a broad range of small businesses.


BigGantt lets you create charts from scratch or import numerous projects and filters for a visual overview of your project. The Agile-compatible BigGantt is highly scalable and easy to set up, facilitating planning, execution, and reporting.

You can view and analyze multiple projects at once, aided by critical path, baseline, lag time, auto scheduling and custom markers. With an easy drag-and-drop and inline editing interface that syncs to any Jira field, with BigGantt, you can create and organize tasks on your chart, and use customized views like wide, normal, compact or JQL (Jira Query Language) quick filters to monitor updates and schedules.


Lucidchart Diagrams Connector for Jira

There's nothing like collaborative, real-time diagramming to unlock a team's creativity, and Lucidchart is the tool that lets you do that within Jira. It features real-time collaboration and drag-and-drop editing for flow charts, network or server diagrams, site maps, org charts and whatever your team is working on, accompanied by a full library of templates and shapes.

It works with Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android, so team members can jump right in wherever they are. In addition to Jira server and cloud, Lucidchart integrates with Confluence, G Suite, and Microsoft Office. It imports and exports Visio files and works with Gliffy and OmniGraffle files. The add-on also features layers and hotspots for diagrams, wireframes, and mockups. A presentation mode converts drawings to slides.

Slack Jira Integration

Everyone knows Slack, the hugely popular communications program that facilitates chat, messaging, file exchange and tons of integrations with your favorite apps, including all versions of Jira. The Slack Jira connection lets you create Slack channels that are linked to Jira issues within Jira so that issue-oriented comments and events are automatically shared in your Slack channel.

You can view a complete Slack channel discussion within the Jira issue tab. You can also send and filter notifications (by priority, component, resolution, labels, status, type, assignee, reporter, epic and sprint) to a Slack channel by system, project or issue, with support for JQL and private channels.

Time Reports for Jira

Designed specifically for Jira Cloud, the Time Reports add-on offers time sheet, time pivot and charts for Jira. It can display time spent on issues filtered by days, weeks or users, and compares before and after time estimates. It adds a Time Reports gadget for the Jira dashboard and project report. While all report types – time sheet, pivot by users, pivot by status, time tracking and pie chart – offer assorted configurations, you can request additional types.

The Scheduler

The Scheduler does exactly what it promises to do: schedule issues and set up recurring tasks – daily, weekly, monthly or your own custom interval. It lets you automate the creation of recurring tasks in Jira to manage scheduled issues for all your projects. You can create an issue once and then arrange for Jira to create subsequent issues: Just define the issue template once and select how often it should be created, using the interval wizard or the cron expression. 

The add-on manages scheduled issues per project and is limited to project administrators by default, but additional permissions are available. The add-on works for both cloud and server Jira versions.

Insight – Asset Management for Jira 

Insight is an all-in-one asset management platform for Jira teams, which allows businesses to improve asset utilization and reduce risk. It's ideal for IT, software and business teams that use it to control everything from servers, computers, and phones to information, software components, packages, and versions. Teams can also use it for managing employees, finances, marketing and legal resources.

Its features include importers and automation; unlimited assets, attributes, and reference; a graphical explorer; printing QR codes and labels; advanced custom fields and workflow functions; permissions; and Impact analyses with Insight Query Language.

Work Time Calendar for Jira

Drag and drop is all the skill you need to plan and report activities in Work Time Calendar. Like other software calendars, you can move or resize entries, cycle between week, month, and day views, or see work hours or specific periods. 

With this add-on, you can plan work schedules, review time reporting and configure time sheet fields. To process work records, just export them to Excel or another spreadsheet. You can configure Google calendar integration and view assorted Google events alongside Jira work logs and create Jira work records based on Google calendar schedules.

InVision for Jira

InVision, a product design collaboration platform, serves to boost team productivity by making processes faster and more accurate. With this add-on, you can pair an InVision prototype with any Jira issue or take a link from your prototype to add it to an InVision box.

When you add an InVision share link to your Jira issue, you get access to an inline prototype along with links to the full size, comments, and Inspect, a comprehensive design view that includes measurements, colors, and asset export. Both design and details stay up to date and synced with your project.

OneDrive & Office 365 for Jira

If you've ever had problems linking OneDrive files, folders and docs to Jira issues, OneDrive & Office 365 for Jira cloud and server is the solution. This new add-on features a OneDrive attachments section to Jira issues, allowing you to attach readable links to OneDrive files and folders. This remote service can both read and write data to the host application.

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