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How to Get Seen on Facebook Watch

Howard Wen
Howard Wen

Facebook quietly launched a video channel, Watch, on August 2017. On the desktop, you'll see a little TV that says, "Watch." The suggested videos on the Watch main page are based on a person's interests, likes and other activity on the social network.

Like Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, and, recently, Apple, Facebook has sought high-profile producers to create original shows for them. It's been reported that the company has paid anywhere from $10,000 to $500,000 per episode for such exclusives, and may invest up to $1 billion this year on this endeavor.

Facebook signed the WWE for a 12-episode wrestling tournament that premiered on January 16 on Facebook Watch. The social network is adding scripted shows, having signed actress Kerry Washington to produce a high school drama, and the producers of "True Blood" to produce a series.

For now, Facebook Watch doesn't broadcast videos made by individuals. But the company plans to roll it out more broadly. Under a personal or business account, you can already embed a video in a post to your Facebook wall. But your potential viewership is limited to the number of friends and followers your Facebook account has, of course.

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So how do you get your show added to Facebook Watch? Facebook is open to considering it, but there are some basic factors that could improve your odds. (These tips below can also apply if you want to set up a channel on YouTube for your business.)

1. If you don't already have one, start a Facebook page for your business.

The more followers your page has, the better it suggests to Facebook that you have a ready audience and demographic for your show.

2. Don't promote your business directly.

Instead, your videos could present topics related to your field. For example, you could provide accounting tips from your accounting firm or demonstrate how to prepare recipes if your business is a restaurant.

3. Your show's production should look and sound professional.

This is obvious but worth reminding. Producing great video, as with any creative medium, is not a skill that can be fully taught, and you may need to hire a professional to do it.

4. You should have several episodes already produced.

Facebook wants shows that have several episodes or that will be updated with new ones frequently. Having at least six or 10 episodes ready to go may help attract the attention of Facebook Watch's editorial team. The running time per episode should range from a few minutes to 20 minutes.

5. Your show must be entertaining.

By all means, whatever your show idea is, make sure it's not boring, especially if your business will be associated with it. You don't want viewers to click to another video.

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Howard Wen
Howard Wen
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