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iPhone Battery Health: What You Should Know

iPhone Low Battery
Credit: Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock

With the upcoming update to iOS, version 11.3, comes some welcome news for your iPhone's battery. After Apple admitted it slows down processors in iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and SE, some people haven't been too happy with the company. The slowdown was prompted by the fact that the aging batteries might be overtaxed with the newer operating system. To make amends, Apple is offering cheaper battery replacements and will be adding a new Battery Health feature in the next software update.

Currently, iOS 11.3 is only available for developers and public beta testers, but a full release is expected soon. When it pops up on your screen and you download it, you should know how to access the Battery Health menu. The menu will show your phone's maximum capacity and peak performance capability. To access it, you go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health (Beta).


Using this menu, you'll be able to disable the throttling manually. But when the feature is activated, your phone will constantly monitor its performance. If it detects an unexpected shutdown, the throttling will increase. This only happens to older iPhones; newer models aren't affected.

When you access the Battery Health menu, if your phone's battery has degraded to less than 80 percent, a message will warn you that you need to get your phone serviced. [Read related story from our sister site, Tom's Guide: Replacing Your iPhone Battery? Here's the Best Third-Party Services]

If the percentage is at 100 percent, your iPhone is supporting peak performance. When it says 95 percent it means your phone has detected an unexpected shutdown. This automatically triggers "performance management," which is how Apple describes throttling. According to Apple, a normal battery is designed to retain up to 80 percent of its original capacity for up to 500 complete charge cycles.

If you want to get the iOS 11.3 update ahead of the full release, you can join Apple's public beta program. But that brings risks with it that you may experience more bugs than normal. It is free and doesn't require a developers account.


Anna Attkisson

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