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Microsoft 365 Business Center
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Microsoft launched Microsoft 365 Business in early November, adding a fully streamlined business package with a host of new apps. These apps, which include services for managing contacts and launching email marketing campaigns, provide small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with an opportunity to manage all aspects of their business from the 365 Business Center. There are six apps in the Office 365 Business Center: Connections, Outlook Customer Manager, Listings, Bookings, Invoicing and MileIQ. These tools run the gamut of SMB operations, and some SMBs have already found their favorites. Check out these three.


Microsoft 365 Business Center listings
Microsoft's Listings allows you to manage your business information across Google, Facebook, Bing and Yelp. You can view your company's address, hours, phone number, logo and contact information.

Caleb Ellis, founder of Maple Holistics, said that Listings has allowed his beauty products company to save the time of constantly monitoring and updating different platforms.

"We take advantage of Listings to manage and track our listings across various platforms – an inherent time-saver in that we do not need to visit all of these platforms individually," he said.


Microsoft 365 Business Center bookings
Bookings allows business owners to easily set up appointments. The app combines scheduling with appointment management, allowing your business to spend less time juggling appointments with manual scheduling.

Christian Renella, CEO and co-founder of ElMejorTrato, said that his financial loan website uses Bookings to manage customer appointments.

"[Bookings] simplifies how customers schedule and manage appointments with us," he said in an email. "We can even send reminders. That helped us decrease no-shows."


Microsoft 365 Business Center invoicing
The Invoicing app allows business owners to create personalized, professional-looking invoices for clients. Invoicing provides the option to manage invoices online, integrates with PayPal and QuickBooks, and features a mobile invoicing option. You can also set sales tax or discounts, transform estimates into invoices, and take a picture and attach it to your invoice.

"We use this as something of an enhanced version of QuickBooks," Ellis said. "Much like Listings, Invoicing allows us to assemble the results and information from several different platforms into one place. This makes the process of cross-analysis and assessment far simpler."

Bottom line

Microsoft 365 Business Center
Credit: RomanTiraspolsky/Shutterstock
All the apps in the 365 Office Business Center are geared toward helping SMBs. Based on the needs of your business, you may find that other apps – like the mileage-tracking system MileIQ or the contact management app Outlook Customer Management – work better for your business. Regardless of whether you think these apps are effective, if you have a Business Premium or Microsoft 365 Business subscription, you should consider how these programs can better your business. Microsoft offers SMBs a ton of options. If they can add efficiency and make your business run smoother, don't let them go unused.