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His, Hers or Anyone's: How This Unisex Accessory Line Challenges Gendered Fashion

Gabby Morris, founder of DPRD by Gabrielle Nicole

Ever since I was old enough to sort through my mother's trove of jewelry pieces, I have been in awe of jewelry design. I wanted to know everything; how is it made? What's it made of? What does it mean? Where did it come from? All of these questions helped to tell the story of the very special pieces that hugged my neck and wrapped around my wrists.

It wasn't long before I had begun the obsession of collecting my own jewelry, full of plastic fashion pieces of course. I'd refuse to leave the house unless I was fully covered head-to-toe in every piece I owned.

This fascination quickly grew into a passion that ensues today. After years of study and building a career in the industry, I decided set out on my own propelled by my determination to tell stories and allowing others to share their unique stories through my designs.

As a designer, I feel a strong responsibility to have my work spread a message of unity, especially during these trying times. Now is the time to come together, and we can do so one step at a time by showing our strength in the way we adorn ourselves. In the wake and rise of the LGBTQ community, gender-free restrooms, and now the emerging topic of gender-free fitting rooms, I set out to create a brand that is intended for all, no matter how an individual may identify themselves.

In a world where gender roles are being challenged, DPRD by Gabrielle Nicole is taking control of the conversation by launching a gender-fluid jewelry collection. Inspired by blurring the lines between what's "his" and what's "hers," my line of jewelry is not held by the constraints of what has traditionally been viewed as male and female. DPRD is using the power of fashion to confront gender and sexuality. Jewelry has no gender, so why follow the "rules?"

It is my strong belief that everyone should have the freedom to be who they are and stay true to their own identity. Every day, I am inspired by the millions of people who face adversity and continue to not feel heard. Our world is moving toward genderless fashion, and it's here to stay. As the conversation continues to spread, unisex fashion and jewelry will have a large impact in the way consumers shop and retailers will have to adapt to follow the ever-growing demand for gender fluidity. The days of gender stereotypes are dissolving and we're proud to be a part of this strong movement.

Aside from the normal challenges of launching a jewelry brand, taking on the task of shifting societal norms has brought on an entirely new set of trials and tribulations. One of the hardest parts of launching the collection was how we were going to spread our message, and the greatest risks was being one of the first unisex jewelry brands to hit the market. I am driven by innovation and creating pieces that are new and unique – a new way of looking at jewelry design for a new way of looking at gender. Every bit of the process has been exciting, exhausting and inspirational.

Core to the design of my Dapper line is the idea of reinventing purpose. You can use your own rings, charms, wedding bands, or family heirlooms as a fresh new way to reinvent something you already own.

Back when I was a little girl, my mother gave me her beautiful class ring to hold as a keepsake. Reluctant to have it resized to fit my fingers, it just sat in my jewelry box among other heirlooms getting dusty and forgotten. Today, through my line of interchangeable, customizable styles, I am able to hook my mother's ring onto any of DPRD' necklaces or bracelets, giving it new purpose. Through function, my creation has granted me the ability to wear it close to my heart.

We all have a story, and through DPRD I hope it becomes much easier to share.

About the author: Gabby Morris is the founder of DPRD by Gabrielle Nicole, a gender-neutral accessory line.

Image Credit: DPRD by Gabrielle Nicole