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Behind the Glitz and Glam: An Inside Look at My Entrepreneurial Dream

Jean Noisette, owner of Dazzle Me Parties

Creating a company like Dazzle Me Parties has always been my dream. In high school, I was part of an accelerated program that provided hands-on experience in and exposure to entrepreneurship. However, fear of the unknown stifled my growth.

Eventually, I decided to transform my fear into fuel. When I thought about how I could set a positive example for young girls from my small hometown, I decided to take a leap of faith. But, of course, "without struggle, there is no success," and to transition, I had to sell many of my valuable items including jewelry, house equipment, trinkets, clothing and more to make this dream a reality.

Before opening the business, I dabbled in a few career professions, none of which compared to the joy and happiness I feel when I see the smiling faces of young girls who come into the spa. This is my passion. 

As a wife and a mother to children ranging in age, Dazzle Me Parties has become a family business. My 12-year-old daughter, Amina, works with me as one of the Dazzle Me Dolls to suggest fresh ideas for children's etiquette classes, pampering spa sessions and youth girl talks featuring a host of influential panelists. Although we're considered the premiere event destination for some of Atlanta's elite, I insist there is a mission behind the glamorous, upscale events Dazzle Me Parties produces. I knew it was important to teach legions of young women the importance of possessing both beauty and brains in a fun-filled way.

To execute the mission of the brand, I've learned never to underestimate the importance of building a strong team. The Dazzle Me Dolls, who are high school aged or pre-teen, play a significant role in shaping the company culture, executing events and most importantly formulating their very own roadmaps to success. We've been fortunate to work with celebrities and tastemakers and be featured on a huge cable network, VH1. It's easy to get caught up in the glitz and glam, but because the Dazzle Me Dolls are involved in all aspects from start to finish, they also understand the dynamics behind it all.

I enjoy being a mentor and guiding force to these young women by leading by example and teaching them the value of hard work and dedication and the complexities of being your own boss. However, as the fire sign that I am, one of my biggest pitfalls in the beginning stages was trying to run an entire business all alone. I learned the hard way that it's okay to ask for help; it will save you time, energy and unnecessary stress and more than likely will prevent you from burning out before the day even begins. 

Although it took a while for me to figure out my career destination, in the midst of adversity, I can look back and know that I've finally found my voice and defined my path with Dazzle Me Parties, which is my greatest achievement. 

About the author: Jean Noisette is the owner of Atlanta-based Dazzle Me Parties, an upscale boutique kids' spa, dedicated to making every dazzling doll's fairytale become reality. Established in 2012, Jean set out to amplify her original business model of making young girls feel beautiful from the inside out in a fun-filled way. Fast –forward to present day and as a family owned and operated business, the Dazzle Me brand has garnered widespread attention from celebs to cable networks such as VH1. 

Image Credit: Dazzle Me Parties