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5 Myths That Could Bust Your Side Hustle

5 Myths That Could Bust Your Side Hustle
Credit: Alex Brylov/Shutterstock

Dana sits at her desk each day and in between meetings sketches designs of the artwork she longs to make but doesn't, because she assumes that no one will ever buy it.

John works in accounting but secretly dreams of launching a fitness studio. But he doesn't, because he thinks he needs to have a commercial space and lots of disposable income.

What these two folks have in common, besides daydreaming of something other than their day jobs, is that they also tell themselves this lie, which is potentially the biggest dream killer ever: I just don't have the time or funds to turn my dream into a reality.

As someone who has maintained a 9-to-5 job and a freelance writing side hustle for nearly seven years, I have had my fair share of fears. The long nights, weekends without seeing my friends, and meager paychecks from freelance clients led to doubting my choices.

But once you overcome these doubts, a side hustle can be an extremely fulfilling venture, which can sometimes turn into a full-fledged career.

Here are five myths that could stop you from pursing your daydream – and why you shouldn't buy into them.

When I first started freelancing, the thought of leaving work only to get home and work three more hours was daunting. If you think you simply do not have time to chase your passions, do this simple exercise: For a month, keep a time diary. Map out and record how you spend your time in half-hour increments. This may sound annoying, but it gives you a good sense of what you are spending your time on, and where you may be wasting it. If you seriously want to start side hustling, you need to be super conscious of where you can carve out time slots that cater to both your creativity and productivity. Once you see how much time you actually have, you'll be shocked at how you can put it to better use.

The old adage is true: It takes money to earn money. But if you think you need to spend a lot of cash to fund your side hustle, you're wrong. You can easily create a stunning website and buy a domain name for less than $100. Still not convinced? Create a Facebook or Etsy page for your blossoming business. It's completely free.

Don't fret if you don't have a grand master plan laid out for the next five years. Having run a successful side hustling business for over seven years, I still don't know how my company will turn out. I didn't have a five-year business plan when I started. I just started. You can adjust as you go. The most important thing to do is just start.

The reality is your side hustle may never become your main gig, so don't go into it having grandiose expectations of leaving your 9-to-5 in six months and becoming a six-figure CEO of your company.

After two years of side hustling, I did bid farewell to my 9-to-5 and turned my side gig into my main gig. But it was tough, and I found myself craving the steadiness of working for someone else again.

Where are your people? We all want to have a community that shares our interests and dreams and aligns with our goals. You may not have found your tribe yet, and that's OK. But be on the lookout for communities that fuel your dreams. Whether you find them in Facebook groups, co-working associates or LinkedIn communities, they are out there.

What do you secretly long to do? What is the side hustle you'd love to start? Write it down and declare it – tell your parents, spouse or best friend. Then take the first baby step to bring it to life.

Stephanie Weaver

Stephanie is a freelance writer based out of Philadelphia, PA. When she's not glued to her laptop working, she can be found riding her horse or motorcycle, or playing with her Boston Terrier.