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The Scent of the Hunt: How We Help B2B Professionals Sniff Out Sales

The Scent of the Hunt: How We Help B2B Professionals Sniff Out Sales Vainu's unofficial mascot, Stella, the dog of Vainu employee Antti Walker / Credit: Antti Walker

It's scientifically proven that dogs have extremely sensitive noses. They can pick up thousands more scents than humans can. In the same way, our software hunts for new sales opportunities better than any human could ever do.

It's also often said that a dog is man's best friend, and our goal is to build a sales platform that is the best friend for any B2B sales professional. Vainu collects and analyzes millions of pieces of information automatically on behalf of our customers, so that they can spend their energy and focus on the sales prospects that have the highest likelihood of converting into paying customers. We provide them with a modern sales prospecting platform where we have insights on more than 100 million companies and we enrich that database with open and public data. Our users, salespeople, get daily notifications about the best sales opportunities based on their own individual preferences.

All our founders had spent years in software sales, and we had experienced first-hand how time-consuming it is to find good sales opportunities. We knew that salespeople around the world waste countless hours surfing the web and scrolling through their internal CRM solutions trying to find good prospects. We wanted to fix that and provide all salespeople a platform that would not only save lot of time and help them to sell more but also deliver a platform that is very intuitive and fun to use.

We launched Vainu in Helsinki, Finland, in August 2014. During the first six months, we worked out of one of our co-founder's living room and did not have any salaries. But by using our own software, we managed to find great sales opportunities quickly. We used our own prospecting tool to find the best prospects to pitch the platform on. And it worked. Since our beginning in a living room, we have expanded organically and have more than 100 team members and 1,400 customers across five different countries.

We're growing at very rapid pace. We just hired 20 new people and our goal is to hire more than 100 new people within the next 12 months. It's of course a lot of fun, but also challenging at the same time. We are constantly thinking about how to maintain the great culture, flat organization structure and fast decision-making process we've maintained so far, while bringing on a host of new team members.

Our goal is to build a global software company and make a mark on the way companies sell to other companies. It's a monumental goal, one that demands we keep our nose to the grindstone as it were, but we feel that we are on the right path.

Edited for brevity and clarity by Nicole Fallon.