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How a Failed Exam Gave Me the Tools to Succeed in Business

Dr. Lynnsey Jepsen, franchisee of HealthSource

As I sat awake late at night studying for my chiropractic boards exam, my professional dreams flashed before my eyes. I had failed multiple times already; and now going on two years after graduating, I was still unable to officially be a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Standing on my last legs and already thinking of alternative routes to stay in the profession I loved, I was unsure of what my future would hold. But it turned out my struggle to pass the boards was the best thing to happen to my professional career.

Dealing with failure is never easy, especially as you watch your peers advance past you. Trying to keep up, I began working at a local HealthSource clinic as a marketing manager. Seeing patients come in and out for treatment, but never being able to actually help them, always reminded me of what could have been had I not failed my exams.

Dr. Casey and his wife Courtney Paulsen, the franchisees of the HealthSource of Rogers where I worked, encouraged me to continue to pursue my dream, wanting to groom me to become the next owner of their location.

I wasn't interested in the offer because I was finalizing a business plan with my husband, who was an associate doctor at Dr. Paulsen's other HealthSource location, for our own practice, and I was unsure if I'd ever become licensed.  

Waiting to hear the results of my most recent attempt at the boards, the Paulsens convinced me to attend the HealthSource Supercamp, a franchisee conference that includes seminars in business best practices and patient care, to see what the franchise could offer.

I was shocked and impressed by the HealthSource team and attitude. Having a network of doctors all part of one team and all genuinely wanting to help each other was everything I wanted in my professional career.   

My dreams came true

While at the Supercamp, I checked my latest test results to find that I finally passed my boards.

I told the Paulsens the good news and thanked them for allowing me go to the Supercamp. I was eager to accept their offer for their HealthSource, but I had one problem – how was I going to afford it? Thankfully, the Paulsens knew my passion for chiropractic and offered an affordable payment plan to take over the location by March of 2012.

Now that I was finally a certified chiropractor and the owner of a HealthSource, I knew I was going to be successful. This was a dream scenario for me: treating patients, owning my own practice and working with my husband, who was now on the HealthSource of Rogers corporate team.

Combining my experience in marketing and the hours studying chiropractic, my two years of failing the boards transformed me into a true businesswoman. Not only did my struggles develop me both personally and professionally, they also made me value my profession more than I would have if I had opened a practice directly out of college. Having thought my dream would never come true, I appreciate being a doctor even more now.

My struggles shaped who I became; and when I heard my name announced as the HealthSource 2017 Franchisee of the Year, I knew it was the culmination of everything I've ever wanted.

About the author: Dr. Lynnsey Jepsen and her husband, Dr. Kyle Jepsen, reside in Rogers, Minnesota and are proud parents of their 3 children, Bryson, Trey and Jayce. Dr. Jepsen first started working for HealthSource – America's Chiropractor in 2009 and bought a franchise in 2012. Dr. Jepsen graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences in 2007 and received her chiropractic license in 2009.

Edited for brevity and clarity by Sammi Caramela.

Image Credit: Dr. Lynnsey Jepsen