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Windows 10 Now Ties Your Phone and PC Even Closer Together

Windows 10
Credit: Germanimages/Shutterstock

Microsoft's effort to make Windows 10 best buddies with your smartphone is taking another leap forward. The company's newest efforts better link your phone to your PC in ways that previously were most prominent with Macs and iPhones.

The goodies come courtesy of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16251, which is now available for those on the fast ring of the test program. The rollout will allow those who want to live on the edge a chance to try it out before it hits the mainstream.

One of the tasks that can save you time is the ability to send a link from your mobile phone to your PC. No longer will you need to rely on digging through your browser history, bookmarking a site or using another workaround to make this happen.

If you have an iPhone, you'll need to download the Continue on PC app. The procedure is a little different on Android, requiring Microsoft Apps.

Both apps will attach a command to the sharing menu that allows you to send a link from your phone to your PC. With both applications, you'll need to be signed in with your Microsoft account.

On an iPhone, touch the share button and choose Continue on PC. You can then send the page directly to your Windows 10 PC.


Send the link instantly to your PC from your iPhone.


On Android, the ability to send a link from the web to your PC also is found in its own sharing setting.


Send that website straight over to your PC with the Microsoft Apps feature.


For the time being, the feature works only one way: You can't take a link from your PC and send it directly to your phone. Also, sending a link to your browser fires it up in Edge, even if you use Safari, Chrome or another browser on your mobile device.

It's possible that some of these limitations will change as Microsoft tweaks the feature. It's part of a broader rollout of new services in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview, which includes additional Cortana voice commands, a faster bootup experience and a variety of improvements to Microsoft Edge.

If you're not on the insider ring but don't want to wait for this trick, the best method is to use Google Chrome. There's a Chrome app for iOS, and, of course, it's the default browser on Android.

Any tabs you have open can be accessed from Settings > History. It's not as slick of a handoff as Microsoft has implemented, but it's one way to view the page you found on your mobile device on your PC.

Microsoft recognizes that it's an Android and iPhone world on mobile, so it's continuing to strengthen ties between Windows and those devices.

Derek Walter

Derek Walter is the founder of Walter Media, which offers writing and content strategy services. He is also the author of Learning MIT App Inventor: A Hands-On Guide to Building Your Own Android Apps.