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Culture Trip: How I Created a Content Platform for the 'Globally Curious'

Culture Trip: How I Created a Content Platform for the 'Globally Curious' Credit: Culture Trip

Culture Trip and its globally curious community believe that exploring cultural differences leads to a more open-minded, knowledgeable and inspired world.

We are a global technology and media company that aims to create the most, complete platform on earth for exploring the world's culture. Our location-based content highlights local culture through articles, photos, videos and illustrations, and attracts nearly 9 million people to its website each month, a figure which has more than doubled in the last 6 months alone.

When I built the first iteration of Culture Trip, my intention was to categorize all the books and films in the world, by location. I have always been passionate about finding novels set in the places I traveled. For example, if I was heading to Mumbai, I would make a lot of effort beforehand to find the best novels and films set in India for inspiration. It’s something that makes me feel more connected to the places I visit or those I’m thinking about visiting.

Despite a successful career in psychiatry, I always wanted to start a company and aligned that desire with my interest in global culture and storytelling. Now, Culture Trip produces a variety of content that we call "location-based inspiration," which covers everything from books, films and music, as well food and travel, and design, fashion and architecture, for almost every place in the world. The only large vertical we don't touch (yet) is politics and current affairs.

Culture Trip's business is catered toward servicing globally, curious consumers that are excited about exploring the different and unique aspects of culture, around the globe. We want our platform to enable and empower people to explore, and this photo embodies our "globally curious" consumer who wants to explore the world around them.

Culture Trip covers more than 300 locations and is expanding fast, powered by a huge network of creatives, coordinated from its offices in London, New York, and Tel Aviv. To begin to do justice to all of the amazing cultures in the world will require enormous scale and consistency of execution. We work with incredible creative talent from across a huge number of countries, and we are always on the lookout for the most incredible differences between people and between cultures. At the same time, there are considerable technology challenges to making sure we deliver the right piece of content, to the right user, at exactly the right time, across our website and mobile apps. I think our people will be key to resolving these issues and we’re always searching for top talent that can help us accomplish these goals in the coming years.  

Edited for brevity annd clarity by Nicole Fallon.