Business-Friendly Cases

Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone
Credit: thomasdeco/Shutterstock
When Samsung's Galaxy S8 hit the market, more than a few people wondered if it would catch fire in a good or bad way. Suffice to say, the Galaxy S8 has turned out to be one of the top selling smartphones of 2017, and with good reason. The phone packs a big beautiful glass display, Snapdragon 835 processor, 12-MP camera and 10-plus hours of battery life, making things easy for professionals on the go.

It would be a shame to watch all that smartphone goodness shatter to pieces when you drop it on the unforgiving ground. Save a trip to the repair center by getting a case that will protect your phone, give you peace of mind and maybe enhance some of those fancy Galaxy S8 features. But don't worry about wading through all the options on the marketplace. Here are five of the best business-friendly Samsung Galaxy S8 cases around.

UAG Monarch

UAG Monarch samsung s8 case
Credit: UAG Monarch
To call the UAG Monarch a solid case is an understatement. Engineered to withstand double the military standards for drop and shock protection, the Monarch case is sturdy without adding a ton of bulk. A sleek mix of rubber, polycarbonate, leather and alloy makes up the graphite-colored case, which is finished with a honeycomb design that surrounds the edges of the screen. The UAG Monarch is compatible with Samsung Pay and the Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Convertible. It'll cost you $59.99.

MyMe Unity System

MyMe Unity System samsung galaxy s8 cases
Credit: MyMe Unity System
MyMe Unity System is a magnetic two-piece phone case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 that allows you to swivel your phone 360 degrees and attach it to multiple surfaces, freeing up your hands. The base of the system has a built-in suction cup that can be fastened to your desk for video calls, or to your windshield for positioning your phone at eye-level when using your favorite GPS app. The case has impact protection and is designed with a raised bezel to protect the sides of your phone. The Unity System comes in black, blue and white and is $34.99.

Sherox Camera Lens Kit Case

Sherox Camera Lens Kit Case samsung galaxy s8 case
Credit: Sherox Camera Lens Kit Case
The Samsung Galaxy S8 already has a high quality, 12-MP camera lens, so why not take your images to the next level? The $22.98 Sherox Camera Lens Kit Case lets you do just that. The lightweight aluminum, anti-impact metal case comes with three lenses that screw directly onto the case, enhancing the photo quality of your phone. Use the 198-degree ultra-wide fish eye lens, 0.63X wide angle Lens or the 15X micro lens to take everything from product shots to professional-looking business headshots. The Sherox kit is available in black, silver, rose and gold.

Spigen Crystal Wallet

Spigen Crystal Wallet samsung galaxy s8 case
Credit: Spigen Crystal Wallet
Hauling your handbag or wallet with you can be a pain, especially when you're doing a mid-day coffee run or heading to the gym. But you'd never go anywhere without your phone. That's where the $34.99 Spigen Galaxy S8 Case Crystal Wallet comes in. The slim and stylish phone case comes equipped with a covered slot that holds two credit cards or cash, so you can carry just the items you need. The Spigen case comes in black, blue coral and gold maple.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover

Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover samsung galaxy s8 case
Credit: Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover
Some people prefer the feel of physical keys hitting a keyboard to a touch screen. Thanks to the $59.99 Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard, you experience that feeling once again. The two-piece case set includes a molded polycarbonate shell to protect the Galaxy S8 and a detachable, full-size QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard works right out of the box and doesn't need to be paired or charged. The case comes in black and works with a wireless charging pad.