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Colorful Socks from South Korea Inspired This Fun Apparel Brand

Colorful Socks from South Korea Inspired This Fun Apparel Brand Credit: SuperGreat Inc.

Sock It to Me sells fun and unique socks and underwear that help our fans unleash their personality one pair at a time. We take functional clothing items that you need to wear every day and turn them into another opportunity for self-expression. You might have to wear a suit or a uniform to work, but you can still have a little bit of colorful YOU pop through.

After college, our founder Carrie Atkinson was having a hard time finding a fulfilling job. She went to South Korea to teach English and fell in love the bright and colorful (and well-made!) socks they had. Socks are a fun and easy way to show off your personality and they're something you typically wear every day it just made sense. She started importing them and then quickly began designing her own. She moved from a tent at the local Saturday Market into retail stores, and it took off from there!

The above photo shows friends sharing a meal while wearing Sock It to Me socks. Food is an expression of the culture it came from. The same is true of our socks. A customer could be buying the design for themselves to reveal a part of their own personality, which is already a gift they're sharing. Or, a customer could be showing how well they know a loved one by purchasing the perfect gift that helps the recipient be more confident in who they are. Either way, they are participating in a culture of creativity and self-expression that we strive to be a part of every day at Sock It to Me.

We have been growing at such an amazing rate it's often difficult to keep up with ourselves. Our fantastic employees find new ways to improve our operations and our products all the time. We are coming out with new lines including dress socks for men, and other exciting developments we'll be sharing soon!

Edited for brevity and clarity by Nicole Fallon.

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