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For Great Hires, Personalize the Candidate Experience

For Great Hires, Personalize the Candidate Experience
Credit: racorn/Shutterstock

To attract modern candidates, your company needs a modern hiring strategy – and that means focusing on the candidate experience. 

Human resource software company SilkRoad recently conducted research to determine the current state of hiring in America, including what today's candidates are looking for. According to data from 14 million applicants, 329,000 hires and 655,000 interviews, SilkRoad concluded that job candidates want companies to develop a holistic approach to hiring that encompasses the entire spectrum of prospective employment into a single experience.

"Modern job seekers view their interactions with a company – from recruitment to retirement – as a single integrated experience, and companies need to adopt an approach which matches that way of thinking," said Amber Hyatt, vice president of product marketing at SilkRoad.

"Companies should build a hiring strategy around five best practices: know your audience, create a persona, develop your employee value proposition, evaluate the current candidate experience and connect the candidate to company goals. By following these steps, companies can improve their sourcing effectiveness and deliver an amazing personalized candidate experience."

Based on SilkRoad's Sources of Hire report, here's what your company needs to do to create a seamless, personalized hiring experience for candidates. [What does the future of recruiting hold? Keep an eye on these five trends.]

1. Know your audience. Using data from prospective candidates, generate an employee profile based on the qualities and skills for a position and the characteristics that excel in your organization.

2. Create a persona. Identify candidate demographics and consider their qualities, not their qualifications. From here, create a career story attractive to this persona and design a singular experience mapped to it.

3. Develop your employee value proposition. Consider your survey data and star employees, then conduct interviews with staff to expand on the patterns found within. From here, design a message that attracts candidates and promote it like crazy on social media, your blog and employee referral programs.

4. Evaluate the current candidate experience. The application process should be as basic as possible. Go mobile with an easy to use app for phones and tablets and trim down on questions; ask the right ones at the right time. Develop a communication process that reflects your brand and train your team and hiring managers how to present and discuss it to remove bias.

5. Connect the candidate to company goals. Help a candidate envision their role within your company by providing insight into their potential impact on the organization. Through clarity of expectations, development, and mentoring programs and a mutual knowledge of a feedback schedule, a culture of feedback will create engagement and a vested interest from the candidate.

Logan Ball

Logan has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Centenary University. He is currently completing his Master's Degree at TCNJ.