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Small Business Snapshot: Allongée

Small Business Snapshot: Allongée Credit: Amanda Stockwell, allongée LLC

Our Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what the small businesses we feature are all about. Jillian Dreusike, founder of allongée, explains how this image represents her business.

Allongée is a ballet-based bootcamp program designed to lengthen the body while building unparalleled muscular strength. On a larger scale than just the technique itself, allongée is a lifestyle brand- a space where women can empower ​and​ motivate one another to be the very best and healthiest versions of themselves. 

I started allongée for two reasons: First, to fill the void that existed in fitness regimens and create a better cross-training option for dancers; Second, to create a space in which women of all different shapes, sizes and backgrounds come together in pursuit of the same goals and empower one another to reach their goals successfully. 

I opened our first allongée studio in Philadelphia after I graduated ​from The University of the Arts ​with a Ballet Performance degree. I built brand awareness and traction on our pop-up program while I was in college and by the time I graduated, there was a need for a dedicated studio space. 

Our biggest challenges are seasonability and projections. Certain times of year like the New Year and the pre-summer season bring about serious rushes. Other times of year, we see a significant drop in attendance. Being able to predict and project these times of year can be a challenge, especially as a newer company. Projections improve with time, and so luckily this will continue to get easier.  ​

Allongée is expanding brand awareness on a larger scale with the launch of our new virtual studio, which will make allongée more accessible, no matter where you are. We're looking at more studios in new cities, and we've already got pop-ups going in NYC this summer ​and fall. 

They say "the best workouts are the ones that make you smile" – but, that's literally true! When you smile, you burn more calories. Plus, your workouts should be fun! It's much easier to make a commitment and build a healthy habit if the regimen/program is actually enjoyable to you. For a lot of ladies who attend allongée, it becomes their favorite hour of the day. This definitely beats having a workout regimen which you dread doing each day. 

Edited for brevity and clarity by Nicole Fallon.