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Recruiting in the Age of Well-Informed Job Candidates

Recruiting in the Age of Well-Informed Job Candidates
Credit: Brt/Shutterstock

Today's savvy job seekers understand that employers regularly turn to the internet to peruse social media accounts and other sites that may reveal information about a candidate that isn't included on a standard resume. And now more than ever, those same job seekers are conducting equally diligent research on prospective employers.

While job seekers have previously been at the mercy of employers who cherry pick the candidates that best fit their needs, ManpowerGroup Solutions, a recruitment outsourcing services provider, notes that the new era of well-informed job seekers has shifted the balance of power from employer to candidate.

To help businesses navigate the current landscape and continue to attract top talent, ManpowerGroup Solutions recently surveyed 14,000 job seekers – many of whom gather extensive details on a prospective employer well before they ever apply for an open position. [Need recruitment software? Our buyer's guide can help you choose one.]

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According to the report, job seekers frequently research details about on-the-job lifestyle factors, including benefits and schedule flexibility as well as the type of work that will be expected of them if hired. The most important criteria, however, is compensation. Currently, 44 percent of candidates know compensation details about a position before applying, and this level of transparency is only increasing.

"Easy access to information has changed the way individuals find jobs and jobs find individuals," said Jim McCoy, vice president and global practice leader at ManpowerGroup Solutions. "As organizations across the globe continue to report difficulties filling roles, understanding candidate preferences is critical."

ManpowerGroup Solutions offers the following advice for employers and hiring managers to help with recruiting efforts.

Understand that candidates are gleaning much of their information from your company's website, so it's important to prioritize the creation of content that is both brand relevant and high quality.

You must be willing to be fully transparent with today's information-hungry candidates – especially related to compensation.

Monitor conversations about your company on social media and career sites like Glassdoor, and be ready to jump in and respond to questions or provide additional information when necessary.

"Organizations should be thinking about candidates as consumers," McCoy added. "Managing the message to the market is key to building a successful employer brand and attracting the best talent."