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Google for Jobs Now Scans All Major Sites

Google for Jobs Now Scans All Major Sites
Credit: Google

Google, the ubiquitous search giant, has set its sights on making it easier to find a job. Google has launched a new and improved job search feature on mobile and desktop.

What does that mean? If you type in a job search to the traditional search bar that indicates "clear intent" Google will show a preview of a job listing that comes from a variety of sources. Those sources include CareerBuilder, DirectEmployers, Facebook, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, MediaBistro, Monster, WayUp and ZipRecruiter, among others. 

For instance, if you search something like "head of catering jobs in nyc" at the top of your results will be a blue box with a handful of options, including where a job is posted, where it's located and how long it has been listed. When you click on the entry you'll get the rest of the full details. Within the widget, you can also further filter the results by similar job titles, full-time positions, location and very recent posts (past three days). Clicking on one of those filters opens a new panel that allows you to set up a job alert for that search, and allows you to further narrow the search. And when you find one that intrigues you, you can click the save button to bookmark that opening into your saved jobs. 

You also can see how much you might make at a specific job. Google displays salary information from such sources as Glassdoor, LinkedIn and PayScale. It will show yearly salaries and hourly rates.

"By partnering with Google we are able to continue to expand our distribution, consistent with our strategy to reach more candidates wherever they are," said Conal Thompson, chief technology officer at Monster. "Candidates will also benefit. By expanding our distribution, we're able to connect with candidates where they already are, providing them greater access to more opportunities."

Google announced at its I/O developers conference earlier this year that it would be employing machine learning in this feature to help organize and sort this data to automatically cluster similar jobs. It's not yet clear if this will improve the user experience. Presumably, this could allow the search company to remove duplicate entries from various sites.

Companies interested in having their job openings appear this way must make some code adjustments to their website. But for those who make the investment, their jobs will more likely float to the top of the listings. It also allows companies to list detailed job titles that directly speak to specific candidates. Currently, some companies have already made the changes necessary, including Gap, Gannett Fleming and Uber.

The next improvement upon this feature is expected in the coming weeks. Google promises it will add new filters in analytics so that companies can track clicks and impressions on listings.

Anna Attkisson

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