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Business Dog Gone Happy with iPad


The dog-training franchise The Zoom Room has embraced the iPad, to make the lives of dogs, their owners, and the dog training business much more efficient.

The Zoom Room, a national dog-training franchise, uses the iPad to scan customers into their assigned classes. Each member is issued a credit card-sized ID and a dog collar tag with barcodes for pets and their owners to scan into classes with the aid of the iPad.

The portability of the tablet allows the company to interact with its customers – both two- and four-legged – from anywhere in the building.

“Everything can be streamlined into one little tablet ,” said Mark Van Wye, chief operating officer of The Zoom Room.

Aside from check-ins, the iPad can produce a digital copy of transaction receipts and schedules, collect information at community events and utilize the iPad 2 webcam feature to share high-resolution photos and video.

While Van Wye acknowledges that the pet industry itself is not known for being tech-forward in its thinking, he said it is important for his business to evolve.

To ensure efficiency and growth, communication is a top priority at the Zoom Room. Dogs are not dropped off for their training sessions; owners accompany their pets to strengthen the bonds of communication. Front desk staff can interact with customers while the iPad scanning process does the work of ringing up sales.

The Zoom Room participates in a number of community events and the iPad goes with them.

"The ability to take the iPad with us really is taking the entire business with us. It’s like a huge, interactive brochure. We can actually show people what we're about, what classes are like, and even take enrollments right on the spot in a remote location," Van Wye said.

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Not only is the iPad great for display purposes but it also contributes to the Zoom Room’s green initiatives by eliminating the need for paper schedules, receipts, and brochures.

What may be the most exciting feature of utilizing the iPad business model is the ability to be entirely self-sufficient. While the entire transaction and operations can be streamlined digitally, the 3G network equipped on the new iPad 2 model allows the Zoom Room to run, for an entire day.

Zoom Room plans to continue to find new ways to use technology.

“I think it’s a question of us staying extremely plugged into what’s going on and changes with technology, with the Web, and with all kinds of new devices, so we are constantly growing with emerging technology," Van Wye said.