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Small Business Resources


The 2011 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs’ Conference + Expo
Speaker: Orrin Checkmate Hudson
Sunday, May 22 through Tuesday May 24
Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel
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Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Prevention Seminar
Speakers: Steven M. Crimando, Sergeant Stephen Iannone, Lawrence Loesch
Credit Suisse, One Madison Avenue, New York, NY
Friday, June 3
8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m EST
To Sign Up Email Craig Schwab

Mobile, Social & Geolocation—Trends for Marketers (Webinar)
Speaker: Noah Elkin
Wednesday June 8 at 1p.m EST
Please click here to register

The New York Times Small Business Summit
Grand Hyatt, New York
Monday, June 13
7:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. EST
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B2B Product Launches

LiquidPlanner 3.0, the new online project management tool that sets the industry bar for simplicity and ease-of-use with its friendly new iPad-like design and social/Facebook-like features that accelerate “bottom-up” collaboration and task management for more realistic scheduling, and is a sharp contrast to old-school systems that depend on “command and control” hierarchies.


U.K. based brand-architects and global strategy experts, Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan, co-authors of “BOLD: How to be Brave in Business and Win” (Kogan Page, 2011), deliver in-depth, one-on-one ‘interviews’ with executives from fourteen of the worlds’ most elite and well-known brands—including Virgin Galactic, The Geek Squad, World Wildlife Fund, Umpqua Bank, Zappos and Burberry. The results reveal unique company cultures, innovative marketing, dynamic customer experiences, purpose-driven profits and more.

In his new book, "No Wishing Required: The Business Case for Project Assurance," (CreateSpace, 2011) Rob Prinzo incorporates the fictional story of a project team navigating the complex world of enterprise software implementations to illustrate the wide array of problems and pitfalls that can plague such an undertaking and offer a step-by-step guide to achieving proactive and effective project leadership.

Becky Carroll (San Diego, CA) of Petra Consulting Group is focused on engaging customers through conversation, social media, and customer experiences. Clients include HP, Verizon, Ford, Fujitsu, and Electronic Arts. She is also the Community Manager at Verizon, working with their online forums, blogs and idea exchange. Her new book, "The Hidden Power of Your Customers – 4 Keys to Grow Your Business through Existing Customers," (Wiley, 2011) helps business leaders build on customer service basics and create strategy that keeps their existing customers coming back for more.

The vital secrets to achieving extreme success aren’t taught at the leading, Ivy League business schools. As New York Times bestselling author and sales expert Grant Cardone explains in his provocative new book, "The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure" (Wiley, 2011), extreme success is built from breaking out of the normal routine, overcoming fears, creating new and exciting opportunities and taking those extra steps to push one’s career, and life, to the next level of achievement. For those looking to remove luck and chance from their business equation, and lock in massive success, The 10X Rule compels readers to defy mediocrity and be extraordinary by doing what others refuse to do - stop thinking in terms of basic needs, and start aiming for abundance—in all areas of their lives.

Chris Lytle, President/Product Developer at Sparque, founder of his own sales training company Fuel and author of "The Accidental Sales Manager: How to Take Control and Lead Your Sales Team to Record Profits" (Wiley, 2011) can discuss tips and strategies for extricating  from the “Management Trap” that leaves managers exhausting themselves with middling tasks, losing out on productivity, and suffering under a team of people who lack accountability and leadership.


Live Chat Research...eMarketer surveyed over 1,000 regular internet shoppers to create the industry's most complete research on the effectiveness of live chat technology and found that 20 percent of online shoppers prefer live chat above any other communication method for contacting an online merchant. A full report is available for free from eMarketer.

Case Study: How Aveda Avoided a Social Promotion Backlash -- Beauty company Aveda conducted its first sampling program on Facebook to drive product trial and increase the Facebook page's "likes," but ran into—then overcame—some glitches along the way. Full Article