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PopUp Profile: Ebates Gives Back


BusinessNewsDaily meets lots of entrepreneurs. We always find that learning about the person is as much fun as learning about their business. Our PopUp Profiles go beyond the bottom line to learn what makes them tick. Kevin Johnson is the CEO of Ebates, a web site on which customers earn cash back for shopping on its member sites. He tells us who inspired him to become an entrepreneur and what he thinks is the next big thing.

What does your company do? Ebates.com is an online marketplace with great deals and coupons at 1,200 stores and on millions of products. Members earn cash back on every purchase.

What was your first job? Ranch hand in Blackfoot, Idaho.

What was your worst job? Ranch hand - herding cattle is far less romantic than most people think.

Who inspired you to become an entrepreneur? My dad . He worked incredibly hard for most of his life, but mostly for other people.

What one person, dead or living, would you have on your fantasy board of directors? Benjamin Franklin, inventor, politician, businessman, writer, statesman, and marketer extraordinaire.

What fictional character do you most admire? We should all behave a lot more like Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird.

Social Media : Godsend or Evil Distraction? Whatever you make of it.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Homemade yogurt & granola (I live in Marin, after all).

What's your ideal retirement? Not retiring.

Lefty or righty? Moderate.

Why do you do what you do? Ebates is a true win-win-win business. Members get a great deal, we boost sales cost-effectively for our retail partners, and Ebates thrives as a result.

What's the next big thing? Bacterial therapy.