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Start Your Business Entrepreneurs

Poll Flunks Colleges as Teacher of Entrepreneurs

Americans don’t believe that college is the place to learn about becoming an entrepreneur. Those skills must be learned in the real world, according to a recent survey, sponsored, surprisingly enough, by a college.

In fact, only one in 20 Americans think college is where students learn to become entrepreneurs.

The poll, conducted on behalf of California’s Cogswell College, found that 73 percent of Americans believe the best way to teach a student to become an entrepreneur is to enable them to create businesses or to intern at a startup . And 76 percent said that students launching a business while still in college will make them more successful in creating jobs and opportunities after graduation.

“Innovation and entrepreneurism are the secret sauce of the American economy,” said Chester Haskell, president of Cogswell College, which offers an Entrepreneurship & Innovation program.