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PopUp Profile: The Next Big Zing


BusinessNewsDaily meets lots of entrepreneurs . We always find that learning about the person is as much fun as learning about their business. Our PopUp Profiles go beyond the bottom line to learn what makes them tick. Dhana Cohen is the president of The Next Big Zing, an award site for hot trends and innovative products. She tells us who inspired her to become an entrepreneur and what she thinks is the next big thing.

What does your company do? We are the only official award site for hot trends and innovative products.

What was your first job? After college, I worked in a retail furniture store, planned to go to design school that fall, turn of events ended up at The Chicago Tribune.

What was your worst job? Can't say the name, selling advertising for an international home design magazine. Ownership was corrupt!

Who inspired you to become an entrepreneur? My dad, he always had great product ideas, and would always say, he was working on them...loved that he had tenacity, just wanted to make my idea work!

What one person, dead or living, would you have on your fantasy board of directors? Donald Trump, I don't think I could look at him very long, just love that he knows how to be creative in his selling.

What fictional character do you most admire? Carrie Bradshaw [Sex and the City]...I love her independence, her out of the box fashion sense, and her close friendships.

Social Media: Godsend or Evil Distraction? Can I say both? It’s needed for small businesses that don't have a large marketing budget, but it is a time suck.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Granola and coffee.

What’s your ideal retirement? Living the winters in Siesta Key, Fla., and summers in Wisconsin on a lake. Fall and spring wherever my kids are.

Lefty or righty? Righty, but should have been a lefty.

Why do you do what you do? I love searching and finding great, unique products, and hearing stories about how the inventors came up with their ideas. If I can help one inventor build their business then I am happy.

Find the Next Big Zing on Facebook and Twitter @TheNextBigZing.