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Social Secrets: Outright


Social media is a constantly changing medium. Mastering it is just as much an art as a science. Learning from other small businesses and entrepreneurs can spark ideas for all of us.

Kevin Reeth, CEO of Outright, a company that automates business accounting. He tells us his social media pet peeve and whether his business could exist without social media.

What does your business do? Outright automates business accounting so the 25+ million freelancers, small business owners and independents in the United States can spend less time agonizing over their books and more time doing what they love – running their businesses.

What’s better for promoting your business: Facebook or Twitter? Outright caters to businesses and we have found more success talking with our customers and prospective customers on Twitter. We've found that Facebook is more of a leisure time activity and nobody wants to think too closely about small business accounting right after they've finished a round of Farmville.

How many Tweets do you send a day? We send about five Tweets per day of content we think our businesses customers will enjoy.

Who do you follow on Twitter? We follower our customers and potential customers; they are the reason we do this. We also follow small business influencers so we can keep up with small business news and trends.

What’s your social media pet peeve? Any kind of spam - from DM or Facebook, wall spam to people who feel like they can promote their product or service without at least saying hello first. (And a preliminary RT would be nice!)

What’s the next big social media platform? Quora. I just hope they can keep the content as curated as it is now.

Do you have a dedicated social media person? Yes, we hired a contractor, but she works extremely closely with us so she understands our company culture, goals and attitudes. It's important that the company's social media person understand the heart and soul of the company. She's part of the Outright family.

What company is doing social marketing best? The Old Spice campaign was pretty inspired. Talk about giving your customers exactly what they ask for in a marketing message.

What hash tag are you sick of? #winning was pretty quickly overdone

If you could create a new social media tool, what would it do? It would be like Refynr.com, but it would read my mind and make "smart" suggestions as to issues, hashtags, users I should follow.

Best YouTube video ever? Grasshopper's entrepreneur video is really inspiring, for me and my fellow entrepreneurs.

Could your business exist without social media? Fortunately our business would exist as long as accounting exists, but it sure would be a lot harder to get the word out about Outright without social media.

You can find Outright on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @outright.