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Lead Your Team Leadership

Leadership Lessons: Todd Thibodeaux, CEO of CompTIA

There's no one "right" way to lead a business. Today's leaders have a lot of wisdom to impart about managing the modern workforce, because each one approaches leadership in his or her own unique way. Every week, Business News Daily will share a leadership lesson from a successful business owner or executive.

  • The leader: Todd Thibodeaux, CEO and president of CompTIA
  • Time in current position: 8 years
  • Todd's philosophy: "Set the bar high, but not out of reach." (Click to tweet)

Thibodeaux explains the experiences that helped form his personal leadership philosophy:

One of the most important things a leader must understand is they are but one part of the process of accomplishing a goal. There are many other key players each with different sets of motivations and unique personalities. The best leaders recognize these differences, take advantage of them and in each case, adapt their approach instead of asking everyone else to adapt to them.

Sometimes your best mentors are people who are the most different from you. They may even be people you vehemently disagree with. But having a contrasting image of your ideal helps you find out what's really important and clarifies your core values. I learned as much or more from individuals I initially looked at as poor leaders.

Clarity and consistency are two of the most important things a leader can bring to work every day. Your team will overlook a lot of things, including personal quirks, outbursts, poor decisions and being tough, as long as you're clear and consistent. People hate having the rug pulled out from under them with changing priorities and moving targets. This does not mean inflexible. Being consistent in the way you go about being flexible is what counts.

Nicole Fallon

Nicole received her Bachelor's degree in Media, Culture and Communication from New York University. She began freelancing for Business News Daily in 2010 and joined the team as a staff writer three years later. She currently serves as the managing editor. Reach her by email, or follow her on Twitter.